Good morning!

Well as the Coronavirus epidemic continues to gain momentum it’s not a bad day to look at what we can do to help both ourselves and others!

Whether it’s in Australia or Canada or the UK or wherever, the world over seems to be going through the same crisis.

So what can we do to boost our immune systems and reduce our chances of catching this virus?

Now as you probably guessed I’m going to suggest something spiritual to compliment medical advice such as staying indoors, washing your hands etc.


Now of course there are different types of meditation and sometimes the term and benefits have almost been hijacked by the non-Christian world and dubbed as new-age but this isn’t true!

God, Jesus invites us to stilling ourselves just the same as Buddha or whoever and even more!

As we still ourselves before God, we give His healing grace a chance to work in our lives much in the same way as we get a sun tan at the beach.

God’s loving rays act on our spirits and burn off the negative emotional energies that drag us down.

When your emotional system is down so too will your body’s defenses be down and you’ll be more prone to getting sick.

And similarly when your emotional system is up your body will be stronger and far more resilient to getting sick!

As we fill up with positivity and love and trust we can then spread it to other people even if we are inside!

We can do this by calling them and loving them but we can also do it in a secret way that only us and God know, prayer!!

Prayer allows us to cross borders without visas, without being quarantined and without risk of catching the virus!

As we pray for others and bless them with love, peace and healing we become like nuclear missiles of God’s healing grace!

I have seen many many miracles simply from just praying for people from a distance. Illnesses can just spontaneously disappear without medical explanations.

The more people who pray and meditate this way, the more love, the more positivity, the more grace, the more health and the more healing!

There really is power in numbers and we can all do our little bit just as we do when it comes to recycling.

Similarly if you are feeling low, sure seek medical advice but also ask people to pray for you! Allow God to help you spiritually as well as physically and your recovery can only be faster!

There are many prayer groups on-line and many books etc. on how to pray and meditate correctly! Why not give them a go for both your own good and the good of the world!

Let us pray and bless in a special way our doctors and nurses who will need a lot of love and strength over the next while.

Let us also pray for our church and media that while reporting and being honest about the spread of the virus that they may also spread love, hope, optimism and empower people in practical ways as to how they can take action to banish this virus!

Jesus, help us to help you! You have put great healing power in us through our lives and through our baptisms and made great spiritual power available to us through the sacraments. Help us to unleash it so that we can be droplets of supernatural hope and healing at this time for the whole world!

So folks, as we are not without power and as we are not without hope, let this period be an opportunity for us to shine and to show the world the power of prayer, the power of love and the true message of christianity!

Bless you all today with lots of love, prayer, joy and the healing of Jesus Christ with us all every day and closer to us than any disease, any virus or any problem!

Let’s use our time wisely!