Good morning, my local coffee shops are still open but seems like that will not be for long!

London seems to be like a fast moving train gradually reducing speed and coming to a halt.

Last night at 9pm we prayed the divine mercy prayer together in the house after dinner in response to the Pope’s call to prayer.

Some of my other spiritual friends believe that this worldwide crisis is part of the long prophesied end time chastisement to a modern world that has turned from God.

A lot of things are prophesied about the end times. Here are some of the most common.

1. A global ‘illumination of conscience’ where every human being will have a spiritual experience and see their lives and souls as God sees them.

2. Worldwide financial and natural disasters like have never been seen before such as earthquakes, plagues, floods etc.

3. Blood moons and days without the light of the sun.

4. The cross of Jesus appearing in the sky.

5. Comets from space hitting and destroying vast portions of the earth and killing millions and millions of people.

This is all I remember off hand and with an enormous amount of very spiritual people around the world speaking of some or all of these events it’d be just as naive of us not to take at least some of it seriously as it would for us to ignore the coronavirus regulations such as washing our hands at the moment!!

This type of talk is an insult to many modern minds where the spiritual is laughed at and more faith is put in science!

I see it all over the place at the moment where many people have far more faith in soap and water than holy water! (Why not use both?!!)

Modern minds laugh and scoff at spirituality and prayer, they accuse spiritual people like me as being over the top or inciting fear while they expect their scientific view to be listened to as gospel.

Pride blocks them from seeing the bigger picture and acknowledging that it will take a lot more than soapy water to please God.

On the other hand there is no point in spreading fear either! Look at the example with the coronavirus.

If the world leaders said and did nothing, many people would die.

If they spread terror and offered no advice as to what to do then many people would die and many others would go crazy.

And so they handled it very well by telling us of the danger that we are in and then instructing us as to how to act globally to get rid of it.

When it comes to spirituality this is exactly the same approach that Our Lady has been taking for years.

1. Warn people of the dangers.

2. Offer people the solution and implore them to act.

From Fatima to Lourdes to Garabandal to Knock to Walsingham to Medjugorje and others, the message of Our Lady is always the same. Prayer, personal conversion of heart and life and more prayer!

We simply can not ignore Our Lady and all the end time prophesies and the desperate cry from heaven for prayer no more than we can ignore the reality of the coronavirus and its dangers.

We have the solution and the maternal promises and protection of Our Lady when we turn to her in prayerful cooperation and humility.

But let us remember and take very seriously that just as the government needs our help and cooperation to battle the coronavirus so too does Our Lady and the two can work together perfectly.

Many people will be off work and at home, it is the ideal time to reflect on human life and its fragility and to turn to God in prayer both for the world and for personal intentions.

I know as I write this today that some will ridicule me and accuse me of being over-spiritual. To them I’d say that I did wash my hands this morning like everyone else and that I too have university degrees and qualifications and if truth be told, far higher and more difficult qualifications than many of those who will laugh at me will ever have.

However I do hope that these people will reflect too on death and the real meaning of their lives and come to their senses as I too had to many years ago.

So without further ado, let us all pray in these times both in community and personally as we go about our daily activities so that one day we too will hear those words:

Pray, hope and don’t worry!

Our Lady, Queen of heaven, Queen of peace and terror of demons; pray for us.