Happy mother’s day to all of you mothers out there.

I know that in my own life Jesus gave me a wonderful natural mother, many very wonderful spiritual mothers and the most wonderful of all heavenly mothers, Our Lady!

Of course this mother’s day is bitter sweet for many mothers and children. In Italy especially but also in other countries all over the world many mothers are dying while others are at the bedside of their sick and sometimes dying children.

It really is very sad and all the more reason that we must entrust these people to Our Lady, our heavenly mother who is the mother of all mothers.

Through our prayers Our Lady can bring spiritual comfort if not healing to the sick and dying around the world and to their hurting families.

To do this she needs our prayers. Through prayer we can leave our houses, cross cities and countries and be spiritually present to those in need.

Padre Pio had the special gift of bilocating meaning that he was fully aware and conscious of travelling through human boundaries.

However, every time we pray, we too biolate just that we are not as aware of it as Padre Padre Pio.

Our hearts and our emotions travel sort of speak and when we unite with the pain and then pray we can literally absorb some of the pain and replace it with healing grace.

Each one of us is like a mini grace transmitter and just like with recycling or whatever, if everyone does their part, the effect can be enormous.

Our Lady, our heavenly mother needs Our help just as we need her help!

She is queen of armies and in charge of the heavenly army to crush evil.

She does this by using us, guiding us and directing us. We are her earthly soldiers.

And so today as there is so much suffering in the world, let us unite our hearts and our prayers to Mary. Let our prayers bring her relief and bring relief to all those suffering and dying.

Let our love, care and charity for one another be a healing balm for Our Lady in the middle of these troubled times.

Let us take the focus off ourselves and our needs and focus on the world.

“Our Lady, our mother, our friend, help us to help you. Help us to understand the power of our prayers. Help us to love God, love you and love eachother. Bless all those who are sick and dying. Show us how we can help and show us how we can love.”

Blessings to all