Good Monday morning to you all!

As the world is becoming somewhat used to being locked down and peoples and nations allied in the fight against death, my mind and spirit still can’t help but think of the other death, the one that is present all year around and little spoken of, death of the soul, eternal damnation!

If for a moment you bare with me and think of Jesus and Mary as the scientists of the soul and ‘sin’ as the deadly virus that can lead to eternal death, you will see how the coronavirus in our physical world mirrors sin in the spiritual world.

I was then thinking of all the warnings Jesus and Mary have given us about the consequences of sin.

From Lourdes to Fatima to Medjugorje to the lives of the saints to the countless visionaries all over the world, to of course the word of God itself (Bible) the Lord has made it perfectly clear how dangerous sin is and how we must fight it!

Just as the scientists and medics are telling us to wash our hands daily and to observe social distancing and to look out for one another so too have Jesus and Mary being crying almost the same thing.

Keep your soul clean by washing it through prayer several times a day!

If your soul does come into contact with danger, wash it immediately with confession.

Observe social distancing with others less you fall into gossip and/ or casual sex for example!

And of course if we all work together in the fight against sin by not tempting one another then it’ll be easier all year round!

But alas, are our world leaders who are so helpful in the fight against the Coronavirus willing to take the lead also on the fight against an even more deadly virus, death of the soul?

How long can God be ignored and disrespected and left out of the world plan by these leaders who very often seem more thirsty for power and economic success?

Is Jesus an idiot and his call to prayer and Christian living something to be utterly ignored by our politicians?

Have these politicians not got souls too and will they not have to answer before God for all their policies and decisions?

It would certainly seem that today’s politicians have no love or respect for Jesus and His call for conversion of hearts and minds.

If they did, then just as they have mobilised the entire world to grind to a halt and to collectively fight the Coronavirus from the advice of doctors, they would similarly immobilise the entire world to fight against sin under the advice of holy priests.

This morning I read about the King of Thailand disappearing to a hotel with a harem of 20 women while he waits for the Coronavirus to end.

If he doesn’t die of the virus, he may die of exhaustion after all that sex but on a serious note, what sort of example is this type of behaviour?

Our world leaders don’t seem to have any fear of God or knowledge of prayer and this is very scary!

Where are they leading us?

And so here we are, our world has fallen into a terrible mess and just like Adam and Eve we find ourselves broken, weak, lost, confused and humiliated!

But let’s learn from history! Let’s humble ourselves before God, let’s repent and change our ways and change our laws where they have offended him.

From the heads of state to the most ordinary of people let us all bow our heads and pray the Lord’s prayer with humble, repentant and contrite hearts.

Let us do all we can to fight against the coronavirus by practicing good hygiene and social distancing and let us do all we can to fight against sin through prayer and ‘sinful distancing’!

Have a sinless week and let us continue to pray for our world leaders that they may come to know the fight against sin as they have come to know the fight against the virus!