Good morning and if you are looking for a feel-good uplifting story with a happy ending then keep reading …if not then go back to being miserable!!😂😂

This man was in danger of dying of the coronavirus and was in hospital. He prayed to God to help him, the rest is amazing!!

The hospital cleaner used to be a missionary in Africa and just happened to be there and began talking with our friend!

He said a prayer for him calling on the Holy Spirit to heal him and from that moment on he began to recover!

But the funniest part which touched the man even more was how all night after telling God how much he’d like crisps and a coke, the cleaner comes in the next day with exactly that, crisps and a coke!!

Listen for yourself !!

This story highlights the power of prayer to heal. Many people including myself have various kind of healing gifts given to us by God to help heal others.

This testimony is a wonderful example of how prayer and medicine can work together for healing and how Jesus is indeed with us in this storm!

In this case God used a cleansing man to get it because if someone were to say “hello I’ve a healing gift and I’d like to pray with your patients” they may well be redirected to the psychiatric department!!

It does make us think of how we can be closing the door to God and blocking him from helping us without really meaning to do it!

This is what happens when human reason is put before faith and when we try to fix things through ways that we understand.

Healing and miracles are outside the realm of science and yet they are real.

Today I pray for all the other patients crying out to God for a miracle and that God will somehow be able to sneak in human instruments of healing and deliverance.

I also pray that our church leaders and world leaders come to a humble place of recognizing the power of healing prayer and during times like these encouraging it, promoting it and yes, doing it themselves too!

Come Holy Spirit. Open our hearts and minds to your healing power, send many more missionaries of healing to heal the sick and to alleviate the toll on the doctors and hospitals.

Thank you for healing this wonderful man and for his amazing testimony and humility to share with the world publicly at the risk of being ridiculed!