Hello from a bright and Sunny London!

We had a night vigil last night where we prayed for you all. It was beautiful and with our praise and music turned into a bit of a ‘chrisotheque’ at one stage!

The Pope continues to challenge us to be creative in love and especially during this period of lockdown, lockdown NOT lovedown!

Yet as one reads the church news one reads about so much opposition to the Pope with some going as far as to say that the Coronavirus is God’s punishment for all of his mistakes!

Sadly some see the Pope as the devil and his attempts to bring the pastoral approach of the church up to the times as evil and dangerous!

One accused him of being a dictator and destroying the church and the Vatican from the inside out!!

I’m not sure if the idea ever crossed their minds that it might be God destroying what He deems to be past its sell by date!

It strikes me as sad and ironic that the bishops and cardinals that attack Francis for being unfaithful to the church are they themselves being unfaithful to the church by their unfaithfulness to him!

Tomorrow is palm Sunday and next week is Easter week when we will see Jesus condemned to death and crucified by the religious leaders of His time for exactly the same reasons.

Breaking with traditions, putting love before rules and mercy before judgement cost Jesus His life and is costing Francis too.

It is a terrible evil thing to accuse someone such as the Pope of being evil just because you don’t agree with him!

If they break away, is it not them destroying the church and not him?

This type of behaviour from bishops is very very sad and how can the same bishops command our respect when they themselves do not love and respect their own leader?

Now I understand that Francis is not perfect and I’m not saying that I agree with everything he says and does but like it or not, he’s the boss!

Obedience doesn’t mean that you can’t express your opinion, you can and you should but if the authority doesn’t take it on board, obedience calls us to accepting or leaving!

I’m very saddened that these same critics never seem to write about the good things the Pope is doing and humbly admit that the church was in a terrible mess long before Francis came!

Francis has a heart for the poor and isn’t interested in politics and pomp. He’s not afraid to change things and personally I believe that we must love him, pray for him and trust him to God’s mercy for any mistakes he may make.

And so to finish, it is not right or even catholic for any catholics to hate the Pope. It’s a total contradiction and a sign of pride and disobedience.

Let us thank God for our Pope. Let us listen to him and to what he has to say and even if we don’t always agree with him, let us love him even more and pray for him!

God bless Pope Francis today and may God give us all a loving heart for him.


P.S. If you have fallen into this type of behaviour through the influence of media or other, repent and change your ways during this season of Easter. Judge not and you shall not be judged.