Good spy Wednesday morning and let’s hope that spy Wednesday is only a name because with all the spy software out there it might also be a reality!

How are you all setting in to the lockdown? It’s now week 3 for us in London and here in Notting Hill we are adjusting famously.

A stranger anonymously donated a big palm branch to our church on Sunday, hopefully not cut from a neighbouring garden and we had a lovely mass on palm Sunday.

Since the lockdown began I’ve begun to record all our masses and put them online for those who cannot get to mass .

Here is the link :

We also have been very blessed here by one of our resident priests, Fr Paul. Paul has put on an easter retreat for us which consists of morning and evening prayer and an hour of guided eucharistic adoration every night.

Paul also treated us to an English breakfast with the help of another housemate who cooked it up!

I myself have taken up some sport and have been running, walking, cycling and doing some exercise in the hall which is usually used as a dance studio.

I’ve also joined Reddit and expanding my network of evangelisation with the usual ups and downs, misunderstandings and blessings that come with the territory

Toni is doing great and his art is coming on leaps and bounds as he is developing a prophetic charism of praying and drawing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Meanwhile Seamus is doing great and continues his poetry and has begun to sing again. He has a great voice and I’m sure that one day that the Lord will use it even more as Seamus is used as an instrument of hope and healing to the multitudes. Check it out!

And so you see, week 3 in the ‘big brother house’ and we are adjusting and making the most of every minute and of life.

Of course it’s not all fun and games and we have our struggles too but the Holy Spirit is leading and guiding us and keeping us full of life and hope.

We are praying for you all too and we are aware that many of you are suffering and struggling and not finding things easy.

If we can help in any way, prayer intention, phone call, healing prayer etc. Please do let us know and we will only be too happy to do what we can.

We are only too happy to pray for you at daily mass and adoration more especially as most of you are not able to attend yourselves for now.

Have a very blessed week and keep us in your prayers too.

God bless you and may you find the peace of Jesus despite the storm in the world.