Good afternoon!

One of the features of this wordpress blog is a daily summary of how many people viewed my blog and from where. It is quite impressive to see such a wide span of places and especially when I see a new one for the first time, Honduras today for example!

It’s a reminder really of how the internet can be used to preach and teach the gospel and how we can travel the world so to speak and yet stay at home!

This type of online ministry is all the more needed for minority groups such as the LGBTQ community.

In most small towns across the world not to mention the countryside there are no support groups and there is a lack of pastoral care.

Online support groups through the miracle of the internet allow people to reach out no matter where they are.

Perhaps this period of social distancing is teaching us how to use the internet in a whole new way and showing us creative ways in which we can reach out which we can continue to use even after the lockdown is over!

Personally I think that it is very exciting that something I write now may be read all over the world in just a few hours. From Honduras to China to Australia….it’s really amazing and so beautiful to be able to share the love and hope of Jesus to people all over!

Of course the challenging side of sharing on the internet is that there are no restrictions on who can read it. This means that you get some horrible comments at times too as you get misquoted, misunderstood and misjudged.

I think that the good Lord allows this to keep us humble! There is nothing like someone calling you a satan-following heretic to keep your feet on the ground.

Without a doubt one must develop an impermeable outer coat and a good sense of humour if one shares publically for the world to see.

One must stay very focused and when attacks come stay focused on the purpose of writing and on the people who will appreciate and benefit from your sharing.

Jesus’ talks were not all successful and there were times when He caused scandal, division and confusion. If we are following Him then we too will cause scandals and divisions. This should never be our goal nor should it be an obstacle to us sharing either. Our job is often to just share, how others will interpret it is up to them.

And so today as we read and benefit so much from stories and testimonies and sharings over the internet let us spare a thought and a prayer for those people who are putting their necks on the line by reaching out.

Let us be encouragers rather than discouragers and let us too share our story, our hope and our love for Jesus all over the world.

Let our light shine! (Image from Honduras 😂)

Bless you all today with supernatural love, joy and hope!

Love you all