Good evening from London where I’m sitting in a lovely little garden with a coffee watching the world go by.

Kids are playing, there is an old man on his phone and some joggers are doing laps of the gardens. The sun is shining and I feel a great peace. Nobody would ever guess that there was anything to worry about.

Meanwhile Easter Sunday is over and we now prepare for Pentecost. The last few days scripture readings seem to stand out even more now that the churches are closed.

The apostles preached boldly, performed signs and wonders and allowed nothing or nobody to stop them or silence them. As we hear these readings in all but empty churches we cannot but ask what has happened and where is the Holy Boldness and indeed the Holy Spirit today.

In today’s reading the Holy Spirit inspired the first Christians to share everything and to live in community. And by everything I’m not talking about bread and Jam and a few biscuits, NO, they sold land and gave the money to the apostles.

Now I don’t know about you but coming from Ireland where land is like an extra body part there is no way in hell someone would sell their land and share the proceeds with others. We have become so greedy that we want more and more and it seems that planet earth is no longer big enough as Donald Trump now has his eyes on mining the moon.

Now just like a dropping pin is heard all the louder in an empty and silent room, so too are the words of the gospel heard all the more clearly in a silent church.

God has not given us a spirit of shyness or timidity, He has not given us a spirit of selfishness or greed. God has given us the Holy Spirit. A spirit of boldness, a spirit of power, a spirit of preaching, a spirit of teaching, a spirit of healing, a spirit of deliverance, a spirit of miracles, a spirit of authority, a spirit of charity, a spirit of courage, a spirit of prayer, a spirit of witness, a spirit of worship, a spirit of praise, a spirit of discernment, a spirit of love.

And so let’s pray that the Holy Spirit comes on us just like He came on the apostles in that upper room. Pray that He removes all our fears and inhibitions and that we become docile to His inspirations no matter what trouble that we may get into from those who do not understand.

Let’s pray also for those held in prison by their land and houses and possessions, that they may see that the very things they own in many cases own them.

Come Holy Spirit.