Good morning!

Life is great over the last few days and while we constantly keep those suffering in our thoughts and prayers, we do it joyfully and happily while praising God for His goodness to us.

Yesterday I was really happy to receive a copy of the Curate’s diary and to see my letter published in it. To celebrate yesterday we had a little wine and a relaxed evening.

On one hand I couldn’t care less about getting published, I live for God’s approval and not people’s and 12 years of every sort of adversity has instilled this into me.

Yet for the purposes of reaching out and giving hope and comfort to others, I hope that I’m published in every magazine in the entire world!!

In church circles it is critical that gay issues are addressed and that there is a suitable theology and pastoral care to look after everyone and these issues will not go away. God will continue to make gay people, the question is how the church will help them?

Well done to Fr Thady for publishing my letter too which very explicitly states that gay conversion therapy is not the answer. His response at the end was extremely encouraging too and a welcome sign that things are changing in the church and that many priests and bishops are aware that the current way of dealing with the gay community is neither effective or even godly.

So thank you Jesus and thank you to everyone who has been praying for us and supporting this ministry and a very special thanks to the diocese of Westminster and our home church St Mary of the Angels for the ongoing love, support, understanding and encouragement.

(In times past many Irish people suffered great discrimination in England but since coming to England I’ve received more help and support and understanding than in any other country I’ve been.

God save the queen!!).

Bless you all,