Hello friends and enemies, what a beautiful afternoon here in London with the sun shining on us all just like the love of Jesus and Mary.

This morning I read at mass and one line caught me.

The apostles got into terrible trouble for continuing to preach about Jesus and to perform miracles in His name.

2000 years later it seems that some things remain the same. Giving witness about Jesus, talking about heaven and hell and healing remain very controversial.

With my life I’m in a very good position to understand first hand some of the challenges facing the apostles and the ways that people tried to silence them.

Threats with the law, trouble with religious leaders seem to be part and parcel of following Jesus in a radical way.

What seemed to disturb the religious leaders of the time was the signs and wonders that the apostles were performing. Why? Because due to these visible signs many people were converting to christianity. There is nothing like a miracle to quash atheism and to embracing God.

I think this is why Satan hates the healing ministry more than anything and hates those with healing gifts. As a lady in Medjugorje put it once when talking about me “Michael Moloney is very dangerous”.

Of course I’m not so dangerous! Look, butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth….

However it is true that the ministry that God has given me is dangerous and my testimony story and prayer gifts are all dangerous.

They are dangerous to atheism, they are dangerous to secularism and most of all they are dangerous to homophobia and transphobia.

As a result, just like the apostles, I get labelled as a troublemaker and indeed I do get into my fair share of trouble!

But trouble for what?! For following Jesus? For being myself? For allowing the Holy Spirit to work through me for inner healing and deliverance miracles? For talking about the spiritual? For not being heterosexual?

Yes, all of the above and more it would seem.

You see the supernatural is needed now more than ever for the purposes of healing and evangelisation. We must not get attached to the supernatural but it is a very great mistake to avoid it and reject it under a pretext of false humility.

God is a God of love but not of human love,of supernatural love, of grace. To avoid the supernatural is to avoid God as He is supernatural. It’s his nature.

It is not humility to humanize God and to reject the supernatural. Jesus does not ask us to evangelise the church and world on our own, Jesus asks us to do it with the Holy Spirit and thus with prayer and with miracles.

We shouldn’t be afraid of the supernatural. After a while it becomes normal and one learns to integrate it into normal every day living.

Miracles witness to us the power of God and thus our weakness. Miracles can humble us enormously if we let them both on a personal level and on a human level.

Who am I that God should perform miracles through me which are beyond all my human strength and understanding?

The answer is simple! I am nobody and I am nothing and yet out of pure love and absolute mercy I am chosen.

What can be more humbling than that?

Miracles also humble our society. When God intervenes and miraculously heals cancers and other illnesses that doctors had given up on, it points to something else and reminds us that our scientific knowledge and intelligence is incomplete.

This can be profoundly disturbing for some as it puts them in a position of weakness, of not being in control, of not having the answer, of not being able to explain.

Some find this so disturbing that they dismiss the supernatural altogether and that way they don’t have to deal with it or indeed with themselves.

The supernatural is also a reminder of death and of life after death and the notions of heaven and hell. Again this is very scary for many people who refuse to think about such topics and of their own destiny when they die.

Yet Jesus wants us to think of death, not to make us miserable but the opposite, for us to live more purposefully and to appreciate life more fully in the knowledge that one day it will all end.

And so my message today is simple. Let’s be natural about the supernatural. Let’s be ordinary about the extraordinary and let’s allow the signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit to work in us and through us to give glory to God and His power and to give healing and freedom to His people.

Here I am Lord, is it I Lord? And is it you?

Have a supernatural day and pray! Pray for healing, pray for deliverances, pray for miracles and allow God’s power to shine through like a raindrop from heaven for our church and world.

Supernatural blessings to you all!