Hello!It’s super sunny here in London. This morning I took a spin around Westminster and Soho and bumped into a few friends…at a social distance of course.I met a friend of mine called Paddy who shared with me his extremely moving life story and gave me a great big hug.Paddy wasn’t too concerned about the Coronavirus but he was very concerned about keeping Jesus company.Having struggled most of His life with his mental health and finally finding peace after finding Jesus going to adoration wasn’t an “unnecessary visit” but rather a life saving mission.It seems that our world leaders don’t understand the importance of prayer to keep some of us sane!!Another person who knows all about the importance of prayer for his wellbeing is Toni.Toni too has struggled with his emotional and mental health and still battles with it all.Being transgender is not easy for anybody and not everyone is accepting, loving and understanding.Yet like Paddy, Toni too finds his fair share of life giving peace and strength in prayer.In recent months Toni has taken up art, a hidden talent that he had never really explored. Today while he was having lunch I took some pictures of his work to share with you.Like a true artist Toni is never fully happy with his work and with this artistic temperament more than a few pictures have been destroyed!Toni’s style seems quite unique and ranges from the contemporary to the more traditional..With the help of your donations (especially a certain M.A.) we have been able to buy him paints, canvases, brushes etc.And he continues to experiment and try different things.Toni is of course part of the transgender community and some of his work express the pain and suffering of this.Sometimes Toni feels discouraged and struggles with his life and God’s plan for it.He is wonderfully loving and desires to share the love and hope of Jesus with lots of people in the gay and trans community.He needs your support and prayers as this is no easy task.Please say a prayer today for Toni and for his ministry and if you are interested in any of his art please get in touch!If you know of any transgender people out there, tell them about Jesus, tell them about Toni and tell them that they are not alone.Have a beautiful day and may God’s love shine on you and comfort you, especially if you too are struggling with your emotional equilibrium like Paddy, Toni and even myself at times.Love to allMichaelP.S. If you would like to message Toni to encourage him or if you have any questions or are seeking insight into gay and transgender issues or indeed if you are interested in his art he would be very very happy to hear from you. Here is his email address: toni.renovic@gmail.com