Another rainy afternoon here in London. Yesterday I took a bus to Soho which would usually be thronged with people but helas, almost empty.

However there was one person out on the streets and open for business, Jesus!!

How wonderful to be able to spend some time with Jesus out in the open with the homeless all while maintaining social distancing (see how Jesus was placed 2 meters away from us 🤣🤣🤣).

Soho is of course one of the main gay areas here in London and so is very familiar to us. Over the last week or two I’ve been posting some of my blogs on Reddit (a popular social media platform for those of you who don’t know).

The feedback has been interesting. There are many groups that one can join so I joined a few. I joined the catholic group, the Christian group, the gay-Christian group and the LGBT group and posted a few articles to test the waters so to speak.

I was saddened but not surprised by the reaction of people on the catholic group to a blog I wrote on how one can be gay and catholic.

As you can see I got bible-bashed by homophobes who didn’t even read my article properly.

It is sad that the catholic community seem more intolerant to the gay community than the gay community are to Catholics. It doesn’t exactly inspire love, mercy, compassion etc.

Most Catholics I know don’t like the word gay and so they sterilise it a bit like how we are supposed to sterilise our hands with the coronavirus. The sterilised term for it is ‘same sex attraction’ and the primary catholic way of saying

“I’m gay” is

“I’m struggling with same sex attraction”.

As long as you put some verb in there like struggling or battling or fighting then you can be a good catholic and you’ll be well accepted.

But if (as my case) you say that

“I’m gay” or

“I’m very happy with my same sex attraction”

Then you are going to get into trouble. Not trouble with God, He wants you to accept who and how you are, but trouble with many church folk.

Same sex attraction or being gay is not a disease that needs a cure no more than being heterosexual needs a cure.

I’ve never heard someone say

“I’m struggling with my heterosexuality”.

But I have heard many heterosexuals say things like

“I’m struggling to stay faithful to my wife”

“I’m struggling with pornography”


No priest or pastor would tell them that there was something intrinsically wrong with them but just that they needed to get their heterosexuality in balance and to deal with lust etc.

However God forbid the poor creature “struggling with same sex attraction” might actually accept and embrace their same sex attraction, find a nice partner and live a happy and holy life together.

At times as I ponder on the current state of things in the church it almost seems that happiness is a sin.

Suffering, suffering and more suffering with maximum self-pity and moaning seem somehow to have replaced love and joyful suffering for love.

The saints suffered terribly but they were happy because they saw suffering as a grace from God rather than as a burden or a punishment.

God has no desire for us to be miserable and measuring our holiness from our misery. God desires us to be happy and to find that happiness in Him AND in life and this happiness is for everyone whether gay or straight.

So guys, enough with the struggling and the misery, we only live once, let’s embrace life, embrace God, embrace who and how we are and embrace eachother.

Have a beautiful day and if you are gay, accept it, embrace it and be a holy gay for the whole world to see!!