Good morning world!

Last night we had yet another evening with a beautiful adoration led by Paul.

The theme was the gospel of the day and about being little while accepting who we are and God’s individual love for each one of us.

Paul told some of the story “The little Prince” and about how a fox became friends with a rose.

But the poor little fox was devastated when he found that there were many roses and that his one wasn’t unique!!

.. ….until he learnt to see things with the eyes of his heart that is. Then he learnt that his rose was unique and what made it unique was the very fact that he had loved it and not the other ones.

Paul then went onto make us reflect on our lives, how God loves each one of us distinctly, uniquely and differently. How even though there are millions of us here on earth, each one of us is unique and different.

As Paul deepened the reflection with the Eucharistic Jesus in front of us he guided us to accepting ourselves and our uniqueness and to unburdening ourselves of other people’s expectations of how we should be.

Just like the garden of roses, they all look the same to begin with and yet if we examine them closely we discover that each one is different.

“Unity in difference” just like this beautiful flower garden I stumbled on yesterday.

And similarly when it comes to people. Some of us are white and some are dark, some of us are attracted to the same sex and some to the opposite sex, others are a mix and yet we are all infinitely loved by God.

The gay doesn’t need to be straight to be loved nor does the straight need to be gay. The trans doesn’t need to be cis nor does the cis need to be trans. There is enough love to go around and plenty left over.

So if you have some time today, please listen to Paul’s beautiful meditation in the presence of Jesus and allow the healing and liberating love of God to touch your heart and to experience the joy of your uniqueness and beauty in the eyes of our creator, our friend and our God

God bless you and God bless our wonderful priest and friend, Paul.