Good afternoon!

I’m on a bus with Toni to Soho where we will pray the divine mercy chaplet at 3pm in front of Jesus. What a wonderful privilege.

Yesterday I wrote and shared with you about Fr Paul’s meditation the other night and the whole theme of unity in difference.

Of course this theme isn’t entirely for the LGBT community but it certainly applies.

As we accept ourselves and others we learn to be unified in love and at the same time to be different.

Our differences are actually gifts, they are what make us unique and different to others!

In a society where people struggle to fit in by hiding differences, God calls us to embracing our differences and to seeing our differences as our gifts.

To gay or trans people it means seeing themselves as a gift and to see being gay or being trans as a gift! A gift with a price yes, but a gift.

So today no matter who you are, don’t be sad but allow your true colours to shine through and set the world on fire with God’s amazing love.

Have a great day