Good morning and what a sunny morning it is here in London.

Yesterday Toni’s mum who is a nurse in Croatia messaged Toni to tell him that one year ago today he left Split

Toni’s mum is a remarkable woman and has prayed for Toni all her life and despite finding it hard to accept that he was transgender at the start, she got on with things and has always been there for him.

I met her a few times as I used to go to morning mass in the hospital where she works and we became friends.

Yesterday she messaged Toni and told him that she knew that when he left with us that he wouldn’t come back, she knew that he was serious.

As I reflected on it I thought how wonderful to have your mum believe in you and support you. Seamus too has a wonderfully supportive mum in what he’s doing.

As for me, my mum has never really been on this journey with me but she’s gone from being utterly against me to being moderately supportive. But that’s why Jesus gave me so many other mother figures over the years so I can’t complain too much!

It is hard to believe that we left a year ago. I remember it well. We had a big statue of Our Lady and as we walked down the streets of Split everyone was looking at us and in the church people wanted to touch her.

The good thing about statues is that they don’t eat but considering the commotion we should perhaps think of bringing her on a gay pride parade.

We left from Split and spent a few days with Seamus’ family near Belfast before we took a ferry to Liverpool and then a train to London

Toni who’d never been on an airplane before got value for money with his first flight and ferry ride in within days of eachother.

After 2 months in Lewisham we arrived in Notting Hill where we have been since then.

What a journey it has been for Toni to leave everything for Jesus and go off with 2 relative strangers.

And so this morning I must admit that I’m so very proud of Toni who is so brave and so determined to follow Jesus and live a very radical and even controversial life as he beings love and prayer to many communities including the church, the gay community and the trans community.

So well done Toni! We are super proud of you and just like your mum, we too believed that you would make it and that you will make it a lot further over the course of time.

Bog te blagoslovio (God bless you) to Toni’s mum in Croatia who is working through the Coronavirus epidemic. Thank you for bringing Toni into the world and for being so supportive and trusting since meeting us in Split.

So finally blessings to all of you today too and especially every one of you who have helped us in any way from prayers to friendship to financially.

May we be able to help many other people like Toni and may more and more wounded members of the LGBT community come to know the healing love of Jesus and find their place in the church as we have.

Bless you all!