Saturday morning and here I am in Hyde Park again.

Last night we had mass at 10pm followed by all night adoration. The mass was celebrated for the doctors and nurses.

Yesterday I wrote a blog about how people can at times be attracted to other religions and spiritualities because of their peace.

As I Google “inner peace”, this is what I get:

And more specifically, this is what I do not get!

Excuse me for my irish humour!

You see we all want peace and somehow we at times are pressured into thinking that as good catholics we should live in peace and harmony with the world and nature.

But where is the preaching of the gospel in this example? Where is the taking up one’s cross and fighting for truth and justice?

A friend of mine prays a lot and spends a lot of time with God. Recently one of his friends scorned him a bit.

“How can you pray and meditate so much and still have so many feelings”.

What a funny statement and yet how true of the false gospel of false peace in today’s world and even church.

Some people have this notion that spirituality raises your consciousness above things of the earth and as you enter into mystical union with God you live in a perpetual state of bliss immune to all human cares and feelings.

It’s a pity these people don’t read the bible! They might get a rude awakening as they realise that the more they unite with God our creator, the more they will feel the pain and suffering of others on earth because God Himself feels it and is concerned about it.

So concerned that He will ask them to give their lives to love and help others and that it will be enormously painful.

It makes us think of how many places we have compromised the gospel and sought a false peace.

At times I get heavily criticised for my fiery temperament and my lack of ‘peace’. People expect that after all my spiritual experiences (if they are true) that I should be like a little lamb or a doormat.

Yet at times I wonder what planet these people come from and what version of christianity they live!

Following Jesus is supposed to stretch us, it’s supposed to be hard, it’s supposed to be stressful, controversial and unpopular to many.

It’s supposed to cause us suffering, doubts, anxieties…it’s all part of it.

It’s also supposed to make us speak out for what we believe in, challenge the secular agendas of our times and in some cases even die for it.

The ‘peace’ that comes from laziness, indifference and cold hearts is not holiness. It is evil.

And so today as I pray for the church and world my thoughts and prayers turn to the cure of Ars who’s shrine I have visited many times. A holy man that gave his life to God through tireless prayer, preaching and reconciling souls with the Father in the confessional.

He like many others was heavily criticised and disliked by his peers and he suffered immensely at times himself from doubts, scruples, demonic attacks and yet he never gave up.

So let us not be seduced by false gospels and the false peace of indifference and atheism but let us turn to Jesus, take up our crosses and follow Him for He is the way, the truth and the life and…

Have a great day following Jesus accepting the trials and sufferings that it will inevitably bring.