Yesterday one of my younger brothers sent me this picture.

To you it’s just a bike but to me it’s my bike!! I got this bike for Christmas when I was about 11 meaning that it must be about 25 years old and the last time I saw it, it was a wreck.

Réa, my youngest brother decided to do it up and what a job he did.

It does make me laugh for a few reasons. You see Santa Claus got me the bike and it was white. White is a colour that has followed me all my life when it comes to transport as the pictures will show.

Nearly all my cars were white and just like the bike, that too was by chance.

Sometimes as we look back on our lives we can see the mark’s of God in the small things and laugh. Things that at the time meant nothing or seemed just chance later actually have a meaning.

In my case I now understand white to be for purity. Not just sexual purity which is of course important too but purity of heart, of intention and of life!

And just as my first bike laid there as a wreck for many years waiting for someone to do it up, so too did I!

How many of us can look back at our lives and see how damaged we have become and how far away we have gone from our childhood innocence?

And yet, just as one of my brothers revamped my bike and made it look better than ever, so too can Jesus, our Old-brother revamp us and make us better than ever.

If I knew at 15 what life would do to me, shock would have killed me, but if I knew at 15 what Jesus would do for me then awe and gratitude would have resurrected me!

So today in your life you may be a wreck waiting for repair or you may be a revamped wreck with a new lease of life or you may be somewhere in the middle.

However, no matter where you are, keep hoping. If you ask Him with all your heart, Jesus will get to you too.

It may be slower than you’d like and His plan may be different to what you were expecting but one thing is sure. He has a plan, He loves you and He can do it!

And so once again this week may we surrender the wreckages of our lives to Jesus with trust and hope.

May He touch our hearts and may He make all things new and better than ever and may our new found health and joy be a testimony of hope and healing to all whom we meet!

Good job Réa!

Have a week full of new life and new hope everybody.