Yesterday I had a conversation with someone in relation to the coronavirus and the absence of any spiritual or religious perspective from authorities.

The answer I got was a bold

“What do you expect in a secular country?”.

To which I replied something like

“True but then why do take so much notice of the rules if you are Christian and you know that the rules aren’t balanced”.

Later I was talking to a friend who told me that the government plans on allowing churches to open on July 4th, same date that hair salons will be opened.

Already some McDonald’s are opened and more and more coffee shops offer takeaway but sadly reopening churches ranks down with getting a haircut!

So yea, in summary a big mac is now considered more important than God.

On the positive side the bishops are not happy (nor are many Christians who understand the importance of prayer) and so we have learnt that they have written to the government with a comprehensive reopening plan (before July 4th).

While some might argue that something like this should have been proposed before the church’s closed in the first place, it is heartwarming to know that our bishops are not just sitting back and allowing the government to further rubbish prayer and the people of God.

And so once again we must pray, pray for our church leaders to stand up boldly and find resolution rather than compromise to these ongoing tensions between secularism, atheism and belief in Jesus.

Our Lady of Fatima who’s feast we celebrated yesterday. Pray for us and pray for our bishops.