Good morning!

Yesterday was quite a fun day that had me praying more than usual and also getting more exercise than usual.

I went for a run with a priest in the house and almost 8km later came back quite happy with myself! I made it without stopping which is unusual for me. Thanks Hugh!

However my story today is about what happened on Wednesday.

I had a little bit of business to do and found a local newsagents that could help me. A small Indian man told me to come back at 3pm.

At 3pm I came back. He took my details and asked me to wait outside. I thought that it was strange to wait outside but I did it.

Five minutes later he called me back. “What part of Ireland are you from” he asked?

“Clare” I replied!

“Did you see it” he asked?

Then he walked me to the door and there it was, the “Clare Champion” (local newspaper!!).

He smiled and said that that was the reason he asked me to wait at the door!

It made me think.

How often does God ask us to ‘wait at the door’ and how often do we stand there grumbling and giving out when in fact there is a blessing right under our noses?!

How often even do we storm off in a rage when we don’t understand?

And isn’t it true that God likes to play with us and have us figure things out like in a treasure hunt and often we are like spoilt kids who give up after 5 minutes.

In many ways life with God is like one enormous treasure hunt and the prize at the end is the promise of eternal life whilst the treasure is Jesus, hidden in the bottom of our hearts and also hidden in the bottom of other people’s hearts around us and of course in that little wafer of bread.

And so today another day begins and another day of this real life treasure hunt begins!

Are you ready? Every day we must keep on going, we must look at the clues from people who have gone before us, we must adapt to the new terrain, we must arm ourselves with prayer and wisdom, we must work together, we must learn from our mistakes, we must use strategies and most of all we must persevere.

And no I am not talking about the well known TV show called called Survivor, I am talking about life, about real life and not only how to survive but how to live and not only how to live but how to win and gain that heavenly crown prepared by Jesus for those who love Him by doing His will.

Have a great day and don’t do like I did the other day, waiting at that door with my eyes wide shut.

“Jesus , open our eyes to see the hidden blessings right in front of us and help us to accept and cherish every moment of life that we have been given knowing and trusting that everything has a reason and that in the long run good can and will come from even the hardest trials and tribulations that we face”.

Off now to actually buy the paper!!

Pray for me.