Hello everybody!

I was up early this morning and am on a bus somewhere around the city. My body has woken up before my brain that’s for sure.

Yesterday I did my 3rd run within the last week, I’m surprised how much easier it’s getting overall and how somehow my legs have accepted that not finishing isn’t an option.

Yesterday a funny experience happened with Toni. He injured his ankle a few days ago and has had to rest.

He’s got the hang of it as you can see! Yet on a more serious note he was feeling a bit down after 3 days of it.

So I asked him if he’d like me to pray with him. He agreed.

My first question was if anything was bothering him. His answer was as yes but I don’t know what……

At times for healing prayer to really work we need to be more specific. Just like a sore tooth, the dentist needs to find the source of the pain.

If the patient doesn’t know, then it’s up to the dentist to find out!

So back to Toni he didn’t really know what was bothering him. As he’s good at art I asked him to draw it!

You might ask how you draw pain but you’d be surprised if you gave it a go. Put a pen and a whole load of colours in front of you and begin to draw without thinking too much and you may surprise yourself.

Now this is something I learnt in Australia, there are many ways to help a person connect and express their pain and I’ve probably tried all of them!

So Toni drew and in that drawing was a black and wounded heart!

Next step was to draw another picture, this time to draw what that black represented.

Another picture followed and this one had a cage and what looked like a skull!!

And so the next step was to draw what the skull represented. Instead of a picture this time words came, lots and lots of negative words and beliefs that were blocking his heart from God’s love in that place.

Now that we had something specific and concrete to work with, the prayer could be more specific and more effective. So we began to pray working through the negative thoughts and beliefs one by one and renouncing them while commanding all evil spirits attached to these lies to leave (similar to the unbound ministry).

As we prayed I felt my hand heating up and Toni began to cry. Crying is often a good sign that the life giving love of Jesus is reaching the place of pain and when that happens all evil spirits flee.

Often Satan uses the same old lies to trap people….I’m not good enough, God doesn’t love me, I’m too weak, I’m not worthy and yet if deep inner and hidden parts of us believe these things, we will be blocked from the flow of grace in these areas of our lives and hearts.

Anyway after almost an hour praying Toni had a new energy and a new optimism and the courage and grace to get on with the day happily.

While only simple, the main reason why inner healing prayer fails to work for some people is due to a lack of targeting the right area.

Just like a tooth that needs a filling, until the dentist finds and fills that specific tooth, the pain will simply not go away.

And sometimes we think what is bothering us is one thing when God who sees our hearts knows it to be something else entirely and something that maybe we have long brushed aside or even forgotten.

This is why the inner healing ministry is so important and how Jesus uses it to bring more and more freedom and healing to people’s lives.

It’s true that when you are not used to it that often you need to be guided through the steps with someone familiar with the process and that’s where people like me have the privilege of helping and being God’s instruments of healing and hope.

So my message today is simple! Healing prayer is real, it is powerful and for it to really work you need to be specific.

For more information or if you are looking for prayer, get in touch!

Have a wonderful day,