Good morning to you all!

Today’s little story is about the power of confession!

One of the things I do when I tell people about Jesus is that I tell them how Jesus heals.

Jesus heals in a variety of different ways and yet there are some key factors.

Despite all the different prayer and deliverance gifts that God has blessed me with, I’m still acutely aware of their limitations and of the power of the sacraments of both confession and the eucharist (mass).

It’s a bit of a funny analogy but when a cow has a calf, the calf takes a bit of time to stand on it’s 4 legs and then after it learns to stand (after much falling) it has to somehow find where dinner comes from!

Often I used to watch my dad helping mother nature along by helping the calf to stand and guiding it to its mother’s udder. Only once the calf was getting the hang of it and was fairly steady on his feet would my dad go home.

Many times I think that helping people spiritually is somewhat similar. Many are totally unfamiliar with spirituality and like the newborn calf struggle to find food.

It is by no means obvious either that confession to a priest or receiving holy communion could help and so time, patience and some teaching is required to explain to people both how, why and when to go to mass and confession.

Yesterday I had a mission to bring a new friend of mine to confession. He has just come back to the practice of his faith and is making progress in leaps and bounds.

He hit a rough patch during the week and every time I prayed, I kept getting the word ‘confession’!

So yesterday I brought him to confession. As he sat beside me on the bus I could feel the negativity harassing him and just before meeting the priest he said:

“You know what, I’m going for a walk”.

His eyes were dark and he wasn’t himself. I knew well that he was being oppressed by the demonic which is not uncommon, especially for a new convert.

This is where my patience gets pruned and tested because at times I could just snap and say

“for f€#k’s sake…just go”

But then I remind myself that no so long ago I was like that and surely worse.

So with all the patience I could muster and aware of my own irritability I held my peace and he followed me over to the priest.

“Here, take him, do something” I thought as I delivered him to the priest who is also a friend of mine.

About ten minutes later the soul surgery was over and there he was smiling! The darkness or whatever it was had left his eyes and he felt a new strength to continue on.

He happily told me how the priest told him how much God loves him regardless of his sexuality and how everyone has struggles in life which is why it’s important to pray and to keep coming to Jesus.

We enjoyed a nice walk in the park before I brought him to receive holy communion and to eucharistic adoration!

I must admit that I was very proud of him. Like going to the dentist, many back out and it was beautiful to see his courage, his honesty and his humility.

“I don’t want to go back to my old way of life” he said as he thanked me for being so patient with him.

“If only you knew” I thought as I was thinking that I’d need a good confession too after putting up with him earlier. 🤣🤣🤣

And so the journey with Jesus and leading others to Him, to His church and to His ways continues.

I thank Jesus today for the gift of the sacraments, for all our priests who have given their lives for this and I pray that more and more people will truly come to learn and to experience how the sacraments can be so healing, so freeing and so liberating!

Blessings to you all and may our churches be reopened as soon as possible and the healing power of the sacraments made available to all and sundry.