Good Sunday morning! It’s a bit cloudy here in London but other than than all is great!

As I look back on the last week I see with gratitude that it has been filled with so many blessings.

It makes me think of what someone asked me during the week:

“Hey Michael, are you surviving lockdown?”

To which I replied without thinking:

“Surviving? I’m thriving”

To which he looked bemused!

Lockdown can lock the shops and churches, it can lock the cinemas and other amusement facilities but it can’t lock our hearts nor can it lock the hearts of Jesus and Mary nor shut the doors of heaven.

Lockdown is an opportunity for us to love in other ways, to find fulfillment and peace in other ways and I must say that I’m having a ball! Maybe and actually most certainly, all my previous years of travelling and overcoming difficulties has given me a great ability to adapt to whatever life throws at me and so I find it quite easy to remain at peace inside!

By focusing on God and by allowing all difficult periods to be agents of growth, everything can be turned into a positive and Jesus, who overcame death by death is the master teacher of this!And so today is Sunday, the day of the resurrection, let’s bring to Jesus our trials and tribulations and thank Him for them because it is by working and praying through them that we too will experience resurrection in our lives.

Let us put away all grumbling and complaining and negatively and with the power of prayer and the intercession of Our Lady, may every thought and every word we think and speak be filled with love, with hope and with trust in Jesus Christ, our Lord of Lords and our friend.

Have a super day!Michael