Good morning!

Today I decided to record a short (7 minute) video from Soho square in London.

On my left is St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, on my right is Old Compton Street and all the gay pubs and clubs and with me here in the square are the homeless.

As I sit in this square I talk from my heart about the terrible isolation and pain of being gay, being catholic and living in London and the real difficulties of this ministry that our church leaders care so little about….

As we pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, let’s remember the love of Jesus for the marginalised gay community.

I also recorded a french version for any and all of my french friends.

Come Holy Spirit for the ‘gavangelisation‘ of the whole world. Break down all the hatred and misunderstandings and replace them with the love, mercy and compassion of  Jesus.