Hello again and hoping that you are all well. In my blog yesterday I wrote about healing and if God wants to heal us. Somebody responded with the question “what is healing?”.

At first it seems like a silly question. Healing is…..healing….healing….but what is it?

I guess we could say that healing means restoring something to how it is meant to be. Healing a broken leg so it can walk, healing an eye so it can see etc.

So what then is spiritual healing ?

In order to define what it is we first need to ask ourselves what would a ‘healed Spirit’ look like.

The first people who were ‘healed’ were Adam and Eve before the fall. They enjoyed a close relationship with God, they didn’t experience suffering and they were happy and in harmony with the world.

Next people after that were Jesus and Mary who again enjoyed a close relationship with God although they did suffer.

So we can conclude then that a spiritually healed person is someone who enjoys a close, personal and intimate relationship with God and who trusts in God no matter what!

The apple Adam & Eve ate severely damaged our God connection and damaged us to the extent that we lost this deep and personal relationship with God.

And so spiritual healing is about reconnecting with God and being in a deep, personal and intimate relationship with Him.

As with any relationship it is built on trust which is why ‘trust’ is the core theme of the divine mercy message for these times.

And like any friendship that is based on trust we need to invest time which is why we are called to talking and communicating with God which is alternatively known as prayer.

In this process we will discover areas where we are not entirely friendly with God and as we work through these obstacles we will receive enormous healing.

As we enter into a personal relationship with God we will begin to feel His presence and His love and this love and feeling is truly transformational.

People struggling with things like depression and anxiety begin to heal as the love of God lights up their souls and restores their trust in life.

As people fall in love with God through prayer they fall out of love with things like drugs, alcohol, overeating, overspending and their lives take on a whole new meaning.

And if that wasn’t enough, because of the link between body, mind and spirit, as people heal emotionally and spiritually they begin to receive physical healing too.

And so this is what we are all called to; a deep intimate and transformative relationship with God which raises our lives and spirits back to how God had originally intended and which allows the supernatural flow of God’s grace to flow through our lives and thus filling us with love, peace, joy and happiness all through our lives regardless of what happens to us.

What is healing?

Healing is to be in love with God and thus to be in love with life.



God wishes to heal you too, pray with trust and confidence and He will not fail you.