Good evening to you all!

Well it’s hard to get away with lockdown which is why I’m very grateful to Jesus for yesterday when providence provided us with a welcome break from evangelisation and the struggles thereof.

Fr. Paul has been saying mass for the religious sisters at Tyburn Convent in central London and he invited us to visit.

Now Tyburn is open to the public and provides perpetual adoration and in prayer we felt a very strong calling to going. After all, what work is more important than the Lord’s?

Of course it is a place where we’ve been many times before except that this time we were able to have a cup of coffee with Paul and as providence would have it were able to visit the crypt and pray at the tomb of the foundress, Mother Adèle Garnier.

As we prayed it hit me how much God can do through just one person when He provides the grace and the inspirations and when they obey.

This woman was a nobody from France and now the order that she founded occupies the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Paris, Tyburn Convent in London and also in many more countries.

Here is the prayer for her canonisation:

As we left the sister who opened the doors asked Toni who we were. Quickly there was an ‘ask Michael’ in his response and so inwardly I said “Here we go again”!!

Taking courage I told the truth saying that we are a group of missionaries with a particular charism for reaching out to the gay community.

How was she going to react? I wasn’t sure as gay and catholic don’t always mix well and these sisters don’t get out much!

“That’s great and is needed” she simply said while offering us some free books and promising to pray for us.

As we left I said “how wonderful” to myself and thought that if the whole world and church was like that how wonderful things could be.

I also pondered on the courage of the foundress to do what she did and I said a special prayer to her to give me the strength and wisdom to allow Jesus to use me to found a beautiful new community of prayer, healing and evangelisation and that one day it too would be recognised and approved by the church.

Of course these things take years and years but yet every journey starts with a single step.

And so this morning I began writing the mission statement for this community and here are some of the important things that came to me;

– Both contemplative and apostolic

– A calling to intercede in a special way for priests.

– Community life for LGBT (& friendly) Catholics wishing to give their lives to Jesus in this way

– Evangelisation to the gay community and also to the church community through teachings, testimonies, music, multimedia etc.

– An inner-healing ministry for those in need of restoration, especially those in the LGBT group.

– An emphasis on sport and fitness as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

All while rooted in parish life with full participation in the sacraments and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and of course loving Our Lady too!

And so as I pondered and prayed this morning and dreamt back to when I first visited Paris all those years ago, I had no idea who this nun was nor did I even know what eucharistic adoration was not to mention what Jesus was planning for my life!

So as I contemplate all the ‘impossible’ things that Jesus has done in my life so far I say “why not” to a beautiful new community reconciling the gay community to the heart of Jesus while rooted in the love and adoration of the most blessed Sacrament.

Not bad for a “day off”!!!

God bless all the beautiful nuns in Tyburn and please pray that the will of Jesus be accomplished through me in spite of my weaknesses of which there are many.

Blessings to all and may we love eucharistic Jesus more.