Good morning!

As I was praying this morning my mind cast back to some prayer I received for inner healing from a well known healing priest and a lady who helped him.

As he prayed over me he claimed to receive ‘words of knowledge’ from God and you can imagine my surprise when my homosexuality was blamed on a ‘homosexual prostitute 4 generations back in my family line’.

Now I am a firm believer in healing of the family tree and am very aware of how ancestral sins can affect the living but even for me this was a step too far.

The lady who worked with him was what one would describe as rude and self-important and she would scold you if you asked a question.

Now I’m not so naive but I know many that area and when these type of events happen in healing ministries, they give the whole Christian healing ministry a bad reputation and destroy its credibility.

This priest certainly does have healing gifts as some people had been cured of cancers and other things after his prayers but yet that doesn’t mean that he is always right and that everything he says comes from the mouth of God!

This is why we are all called to discerning what is from God and what is not and the best way of doing that is by having your own personal prayer life.

When you pray and know God yourself you don’t need to chase frantically after every healing priest in search of a word of knowledge.

Instead you will go to your room or church and little be little God will teach you Himself.

Certainly God will use some people and healing ministers to help, but help is all it is and nothing or nobody can replace your personal prayer and your personal relationship with God.

It’s also a word of warning for those of us who are involved in the healing ministry to be prudent because some people do not discern and if they were told that the moon was made from cheese they would be climbing a ladder trying to reach it!

When people are desperate and broken their defenses are down and they are vulnerable to being taken advantage of and when bad things happen it damages the healing ministry and peoples trust and faith in Jesus and in the church.

The final thing to say is that there must be a correct theology.

Going back to the example of the priest I spoke about earlier, he obviously believed that homosexuality was something that needed healing and hence he got a ‘word of knowledge’ to heal me which clearly wasn’t from God.

And so it’s a word of prudence and warning to us all, myself included to exercise prudence and discernment when either giving or receiving prayer and most of all for us all to foster a personal one to one prayer life and relationship with God so that we are not so easily fooled and can recognize the voice of Jesus, the good shepherd, when He speaks to us through others.

Come Holy Spirit, teach us to pray!