Today after mass I sat at the back of the church with tears running from my eyes.

“Don’t be sad Michael” a lady said as she advised me to chase the negative thoughts out of head by praying a Hail Mary.

I then explained to her that I was crying as I felt Jesus’ pain and that Jesus was asking me to cry and suffer for difficult situations.

I’m not sure if she believed me so she said to another lady

“This man is crying for Jesus” and providence put the right lady there because she replied

“Yes, that’s the gift of tears, you must cry and surrender to it”.

At times when we receive bad news we can ‘pray away the pain” but sadly the pain still remains in the heart. If we really want to be headed we must ‘cry out the pain’ and by doing so we cleanse and free our hearts to continue loving.

I first discovered that Jesus gave me the gift of tears 13 years ago. At the time I used to  cry between 8 and 10 hours per day. Some of the tears were for my own sins while some were for others. Basically I  cried and others God healed as Jesus suffered through me for their deliverance.

To be very honest I didn’t understand it myself at first and it’s only the years that brought understanding.

This gift is not a glamorous gift because it affects your emotions a lot. It can make you moody, irritable and exceptionally sensitive to holiness and evil.

On a funnier note it can make you look like a hysteric and will draw people to help cheer you up when you just need to be left alone.

Once a French lady told me that I should stop crying less I lose all the salt in my body. Jesus didn’t seem bothered!!

Another trouble with this gift is the demonic attacks. As God uses your tears and sufferings to free others the demons will attack you and nobody will know the pain of this especially in the early years when you’re still figuring things out.

In my experience the years make you wise and you learn to be a step ahead of the enemy by constantly working on your inner wounds and being very honest with yourself.

Fortunately for me the 8 hours crying reduced a lot and now it’s only 1 or 2 hours a day with the odd exception of 5 or 6.

It can be very intense which is why the power of the eucharist is so important.

For me every time I receive Holy Communion I feel a supernatural strength rising up inside me and cutting through burdens for which I was praying for in no time. Very often I cry.

And so you too may have this gift which like every gift comes with blessings and responsibilities.

If you don’t have the gift that’s ok, but if you see someone who does have the gift, don’t try to cheer them up. Instead give them space, pray for them and whatever you do, don’t gossip about them.

Usually souls with this gift are very sensitive and can get hurt very easily by words

Anyway, next time you pray the rosary or divine mercy and as you ponder on Jesus suffering, don’t be afraid to cry and allow the Holy Spirit to suffer and cry through you to restore souls into the loving hands of the Father.