Good evening!

God is love and we all know that love is expressive and is something to be lived in the open rather than hidden.

However for us gay people the opposite is often the case. Our love gets labelled as sin and and any expression of this love from holding of hands to an innocent kiss on the cheek can cause quite a stir.

Earlier today Rayne showed me a Filipino Facebook page where a gay filipino couple posted quite a nice and tasteful picture of them together. What was quite a shock was the reaction of the Filipino community who quite literally tore them apart in a very vulgar and homophobic way.

That said Jesus calls us to be free and to love and to rise above and beyond fear and intimidation and so with this in mind after praying in front of the blessed sacrament I felt Jesus inspiring me to buy some flowers for Rayne and not to be afraid!!

So I went to the shops and got some red roses and a card and the guy at the shop was so helpful that he offered me a pen and told me I should buy some condoms for ‘her’. I smiled and thought of replying “the flowers are for ‘him’ actually ” but he had left.

Rayne liked my gesture so much that he posted it on his Facebook and got over 150 ‘likes’. I reposted it on mine and got less than 10. 😥😥

Such are the trials that us gay people face. The more God frees and heals us the more some people hate us and hate our love, especially in the church.

Yet the church is our church too and our love must be accepted too rather than condemned.

At times I hold Rayne’s hand in the church. I feel the looks and the intimidation of some people and while outwardly I seem calm, inwardly my heart is beating and I feel both fear and anxiety and yet I feel empowered by just being me.

And yet it’s sad that the church does not understand this love and that many church-going people are afraid of love…..the very thing the church is all about.

And so as I continue my journey with God and with Rayne we are growing and learning so much and learning to adapt to the church and the world around us.

We are planning to visit the Philippines later this year and that could be quite an interesting experience and perhaps a steep learning curve!

In any case everywhere we go our lives and witness will say and promote one thing, that we are gay, we are loved and we are part of the catholic church and of the family of God and our lives can give other gay people all over the world some hope, love and encouragement that they too are precious children of God and have a place in the church.

Please pray for our mission, our relationship and our witness and may saint Michael the Archangel protect and defend us from all evil!!

Love, peace and blessings to all,

Michael & Rayne