“Will you pray for me” a friend from a few years back asked me today.

It deeply touched me because I had spoken to this person many times about God and I felt that I may as well have been talking about a man on the moon eating cheese!

Yet very humbly and honestly he explained how he is going through a hard time and that he would really appreciate my prayers for his healing.

Of course my prayers for him are guaranteed but what really surprised me was that he asked!!

Once again I felt Jesus smiling on me and encouraging me.

This guy has been following me on facebook and saw that I’m doing well with church, with sport and in a relationship.

Now he’s never really ‘liked’ any of posts on Facebook and to be honest not many people do. I guess people don’t know what to think….I’m too gay for a lot of the catholics and too catholic for a lot of the gays.

At times I truly feel very discouraged with it all and wonder if I’m not just wasting my life and wasting my time!

Which is why a message like this encourages me so much. It reminds me that my life does make a difference, that people are observing and that even though they might not say it, some of them even like and respect me.

And so as I ponder on this today and pray for my friend, I encourage all you people of prayer out there to persevere with Jesus and to let your light and love shine no matter how much or how little encouragement you get!

Please continue to pray for all those in the LGBT bracket who have not yet experienced the love of God and struggle to fit in the church.

May they be set free of addictions, depression, anxiety, self-hatred, fear and rejection and may they come to know the loving Lord Jesus who has good plans for them in both this life and the next!

Thanks for reading and thanks for praying for me too.