Good afternoon from a beautiful and snowy London. Rayne is at work but he escaped from the hospital for a few minutes to enjoy the snow!

So cute!!

Earlier this morning I was doing some sport and without meaning to I woke someone in the house up. Angry and quite grumpy he gave me a good piece of his mind which to be honest I kind of half deserved.

Yet about 20 minutes later he messaged me to apologise for how he’d spoken to me and it really touched me. We forgave eachother and moved on!

But you see he could have reacted differently. He could have said nothing and then kept the anger inside and then let it turn to bitterness without ever telling me.

Sadly many people do this. Instead of telling you what you did to hurt them they go silent and cold and bitter. They close their hearts to love and true relationship and often never explain why.

It is impossible to ever have a true relationship with people like this until they decide to open up and share what’s going on in their hearts.

This is why prayer from the heart is so important and why letting out the pain and grievances of our hearts is so important if we want maintain good relationships!

Just as at times the earths atmosphere needs to release pressure through rain and snow so too do our hearts need to put words to the feelings of anger and pain. Only afterwards can we work on forgiveness.

And so as the snow falls today and washes the place white and clean, I pray that whatever cold is blocking our hearts from loving may also be released so that we may move from anger to love and from bitterness to happiness.

Pick up that pen or phone and reconcile with your brother today, unforgiveness is not worth it!

Have a holy and snowy day!