Good evening!

As I sit here this evening I have a rubik’s cube in my hand.

As you can see it has 6 sides and 6 different colours.

To go about fixing it we have to take these two simple facts into account. We  can’t say “I don’t like yellow or the number 6 so let’s pretend that the yellow doesn’t exist and that there are only 5 sides”!!

It won’t work because it’s just not true.

Now our lives can be like the rubik’s cube with different colours and sides and often equally messed up and we may be praying to God for the gift of happiness while simultaneously shouting at Him “don’t touch the yellow”!!!

In other words we may want God to give us happiness and yet not be willing to allow God into certain areas of our lives.

I see it all the times with repressed homosexuals in the church. They want happiness and yet they don’t want to accept their sexualities.

All the rosaries and the novenas in the world are no good for such people until they accept and open up about their sexualities and integrate into their lives.

God is a miracle worker and not a magician. He’ll work miracles to fix up our lives but He won’t wave a magic wand and change who we are.

Gays are just one example of this. There are thousands of others. People want happiness without putting all their cards on the table, especially the dark sides and so they block God from working.

It takes courage to accept all of who we are, it takes even more courage to tell others and it takes even more courage to surrender it all to God and to talk openly and vulnerably about it!

Yet one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is courage and so today let’s live up to this gift of the Holy Spirit and let’s have the courage to be honest with ourselves, to be honest with God and to be honest to the people around us for it is in being and integrating our true selves that we will find the full freedom and happiness that we are praying for.