Good evening from London as Lockdown continues to force us to find alternative ways of staying healthy in mind and body.

One of these ways has been a home gym.

We are blessed here at the church to have two large halls that are now free due to the lockdown and what a perfect place to do some sport.

This morning we had a group session and it was a lot of fun! “Pray hard and play hard” as they say and it certainly was that.

Seamus continues to work at Nando’s as they are doing delivery so this morning he had a workout, mass and then off to work. Well done Seamus, you’re killing it!!

Toni continues to develop his art and prayer gifts along with now being the sacristan at St Mary of the Angels and little be little his transition is moving forward. One day Toni’s story will inspire multitudes, I’m certain!

Rayne continues to work full time on the front line as a nurse. He deals with covid patients every day and never complains or grumbles. He trusts in God with all his heart.

And I continue to crack the whip and help everyone along in whatever way I can while continuing with the ministry of evangelisation and prayer…..

We are so fortunate here at the church to have eachother, to have the hall and to have daily mass. We are truly blessed by Jesus and it’s like He has put a protective shield around us that has protected us from so many of the difficulties that others have faced such as not having mass, loneliness, depression etc.

As I reflect on this all I can say is that prayer works and the promises of Jesus are true. When one places one’s life in His hands, He really does look after things in extraordinary ways.

And I know that some of you out there are receiving similar blessings and are continuing to prosper in spite of the current difficulties while others may be struggling to adapt and adjust and perhaps feel abandoned be Jesus.

To those I would say, TRUST, perhaps God is stripping you of certain things and it’s hard but continue to pray and trust while surrendering all to His plans and ways. Trials are part of life and are the best teachers if we allow them to be!

Remember that there is nothing wrong with needing and asking for help from both God and from others. That’s what being a Christian is all about.

And of course if anyone one like us to pray for them then please get in touch a and we will be more than happy to do that. It is our ministry after all!

And so as I prepare for bed tonight I thank Jesus for all the blessings in my life and my prayers are for everyone out there, that they too may come to know the supernatural gift of knowing and following Jesus and allowing Him to bless and transform their lives in extraordinary ways!

Bless you all,