Good afternoon!

The weather is improving here in London with the sun shining and the temperature that little bit hotter.

Last night we had a lovely charismatic prayer meeting with over an hour of praise and worship.

As we sang our hearts out the idea was simply to worship and thank God and to call on the Holy Spirit to set us aflame with the love of Jesus!

One person who was not so aflame with the love of Jesus was a priest I met recently. Although in quite an important position it seemed from talking to him that he’d never really met Jesus!

Certainly he prays and has done far more studies than I’d ever care to do but he didn’t seem to know Jesus personally and his attitude to being a christian seemed like that game called “blind man’s buff”.

The mentality of being a “good person” and hoping blindly somehow that you are pleasing Jesus is quite frankly a spirituality that has never appealed to me!

So you can imagine how he reacted when I began to talk of the Holy Spirit who removes the blindfold and allows us to actually communicate with Jesus and know His will for our lives?

It wasn’t pretty!!šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

Why some priests are literally repulsed by the charismatic action of the Holy Spirit really saddens me. The Holy Spirit is there to lead us and guide us and heal us and empower us so that we can know and do the will of Jesus.

He is the comforter, the helper and a wonderful gift from God but yet as soon as we talk about Him often people squirm.

Yet the world over the Holy Spirit is revealing the same thing to ordinary people. That the world needs prayer and conversion and that Jesus is not happy!

“You can’t say Jesus is not happy, nobody knows that” he retorted as I politely responded that I begged to differ.

And to make things a bit more ironic he told me to “focus on God” to which I replied

“That’s what I have being doing and God is focusing on us and He’s not happy”!!!

I find it very ironic that a priest would tell me to focus on God and yet scold me when I claimed that God replied.

Does God not respond to His people?

Can Jesus not communicate with who He likes?

Is the Holy Spirit not real?

And so cutting my losses I went home happy that I had yet another opportunity to testify about the living reality of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

All this made last night’s little gathering all the merrier because though small in numbers, we gathered with one Spirit and we prayed and sang to our hearts content as the room flooded with the Holy Spirit and God focused His loving gaze on us!

So yes my friends, focus on God but for heaven’s sake, expect God to reply.