Good afternoon from snowy London!

I’m doing a 30 day challenge to do the Splits! It’s fun.

So today Rayne mentioned something to me about Feng Shui and how someone he knows practices it.

From the little I know about it, the idea is to attract good energy by arranging things in your room and house in certain ways, wearing certain colours etc.

(Not sure what this position would attract!!).

Anyway as I was thinking about it, it hit me how popular these practices are today and how much money good people are prepared to pay to attract some good energy.

I began to compare it to following Jesus.

You see Jesus promised to ‘draw all men unto Him” so as Christians we don’t need to do anything to attract God to us. God is already attracted to us and He’s the one drawing us to Him….not the other way around!!

So then if He’s so attracted to us, how come we don’t always feel it and how come some good Christians practice things like Feng Shui and other energy ‘healing’ nonsense?

The reason is simple. God is attracted to us alright but often we’re simply not attracted to Him!!

The Christian journey isn’t about buying and arranging things to make God like us but it’s about getting rid of things and throwing things away that block us from receiving God’s blessings.

Think of the sunshine, you don’t need to arrange your room in any special way to make it bright but what you do need to do is open the curtains and remove anything that blocks the window.

This is why as Christians we focus so much on detaching ourselves from worldly ways of acting and thinking and thus allowing God’s light and blessings to enter our lives.

We have to make space for God through prayer and at times this means not watching the T.V. etc.

The Holy Spirit who is attracted to us wants to make His home with us. However He’s not interested in the arrangement of your bed but rather the arrangement of your heart. He calls us to surrendering our lives to Him and allowing Him to rearrange things with our cooperation.

To keep the Holy Spirit in our homes and hearts we must continue to cooperate with Him. There is no use in having a house full of Holy statues and walking around like a devil! No, we must love, we must forgive and we must surrender.

This is sadly what puts a lot of people off Christianity and why things such as Feng Shui and Reiki are so popular.

These offer a sort of counterfeit blessing where you attract good energy without having to change as a person. So in other words you can walk around like a pig and hope to have some good luck because of some lucky charm that you are wearing!

And one thing is certain and that is that all these ‘energies’ and blessings come from the pit of hell and seduce blind and naive people from the true path to blessings, the cross.

So yes my friends, worry not about what you must do or buy to attract God’s blessings but worry rather about what you may not be doing or what you need to get rid of so that you can actually receive God’s blessings.

Got to split,