Good Monday evening from a beautiful and white London where I’m sitting cosily with Jesus while having a coffee!

Speaking of the cold, today I’m going to write about what many of you experience, the cold war.

(Sorry Rayne!!)

Cold war is that type of non-contact war where your enemies don’t shoot you or abuse you but they coldly find other tactics to abuse you such as ignoring you etc.

Any of us involved in evangelisation experience it all the time because many people hate our guts!

Many people hate when we talk about Jesus or prayer, they vomit when we talk about sin, they cringe at the mention of heaven or hell and the charismatic healing ministry infuriates them….and yes, many of these people call themselves catholic too.

Yet knowing in their hearts deep down that they are not serious Catholics or spiritual people their bitterness often gets the better of them and they turn cold and nasty.

‘I’m a good person’

‘You’re judging me’

‘I follow God in my own way’

Are just some of the pathetic claims that these people will make as they claim that their lukewarmness and general indifference are virtues.

Many will claim that they are open minded and love and accept everyone but even the devil does that! Heck, Satan isn’t fussy, he has lots of space in hell for those who refuse God.

Following Jesus and living a true spiritual life is not about being nice and people liking us. It is about being Holy and Jesus liking us.

The more we follow Jesus, the more some will hate us and persecute us in so many different ways and yet the more heaven will assist us.

And so my prayer friends, keep on going because

Praise the Lord and have a great evening!!