Hello there! Today I’m sitting in the nice warm church as the snow falls outside and temperatures are low.

It’s a good day to write about loving the church because just like today the church for me is a nice heated refuge from the cold, it’s also supposed to be a nice spiritual and holy refuge from evil!

Often I think of the church as a body with cancer. The body is good in general but the cancer is trying to kill it.

The cancer of the church is all the sin and compromise that have all but extinguished the love and joy of the Holy Spirit and left the body weak and feeble and half its former self.

And like cancer which can be treated with things like chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the cancer in the church needs killing off too with “Holy Spirit therapy”.

Some parts of the body are still good and these must fight against the parts that are sick and they must fight against the cancer itself.

And this means that we must source the cancer and then target that area until it’s healed.

One of my friends recently had radiotherapy and it was interesting to learn from him how it works and the logic behind it. The areas of his body needed to be marked with a tattoo of some sort so that the machine could target the specific area in question.

Love in this case involves a tiring process of therapy for the good of the body.

And so it’s similar with the church. On one hand we must consider the church in its healthy state (or at least imagine what it could be) while on the other we must see it as and how it is today with so many faults.

And then we must decide to be part of the healing of the church and part of the healthy body that attacks and eliminates the cancer.

Some cancers are aggressive and they seem to resist all treatment and seem to shout “get lost, this body is mine” and some evils in today’s church are similar.

Yet unlike the cancer patient who doesn’t know if the therapy will be successful, we can be 100% sure that Jesus can and will heal the church and she will not die!

This healing process is painful and puts the church into an internal war. We see it already where priests will argue with priests, bishops with bishops and even with the Pope.

The battle is ferocious as the evil just like the cancer will not go without a fight.

Meanwhile some Christians live in cloud cuckoo and they don’t want to acknowledge that there is any evil in the church and even if there is, they somehow feel that “the Lord and His Holy Mother Mary will sort it out”!

As they live in cloud cuckoo and wait for Jesus and Mary to come down on another cloud the battle goes on and sadly they refuse to fight.

Jesus of course could fix everything Himself but He chooses not to and instead He uses us to be His messengers. We see this time and time again with the saints.

Jesus needs more than our prayers and pious Hail Mary’s. He needs our witness, our actions and our voices.

And so today as I finish up I encourage everyone to be warriors of truth and justice in our catholic church and to be Jesus’ powerful instruments of healing and destruction of evil and compromise.

Let us not hide behind prayer and wait for Jesus to descend on a cloud but rather let us fight relentlessly with Him and Our Lady and restore our church to a place of faith, hope and love for all.

Thanks for reading!