Good evening,

Today a lady asked me what I knew about the vaccination. In reality I don’t know a whole lot but sensing the fear in her voice I tried to be as calm as possible.

Some believe that the vaccination is basically a scheme to get everyone chipped. Liquid chips could in theory be put into the jab and we could all be chipped or tagged like cows.

These people call the chip the “mark of the beast” and thus anyone chipped will go to hell!

Scary stuff and certainly enough to disturb a good faithful catholic and wonder who’s telling the truth.

Another lady came to me equally upset a few days ago. Apparently Our Lady told someone that receiving Holy Communion on the hand is a sacrilege and that only a priest’s hands should touch Jesus.

Again she was very worried and fearful that God was angry with her and she had lost her peace.

I feel sorry for these people because they are generally very good and prayerful people that have lost trust and confidence is our bishops and priests who often show little signs of holiness or understanding.

They then read many private revelations and the problem with these is that one doesn’t always know which ones are true and which are not.

Private revelations have always been a part of the church. The first known one was when Jesus appeared to Mary Madeleine after his resurrection and Peter was less than impressed when she relayed the story…..perhaps a template for all private revelations….despised until proven true.

The problem is more when good and prayerful people lose their peace and don’t know what to do or indeed who to go to for sound advice.

My experience of such things is to go back to prayer and to renew my trust in Jesus trusting that if I unknowingly offend Him that He will not send me to hell.

In the meantime I do pray myself for clarity on these matters so that these good and prayerful people will find peace in the loving hands of Jesus and be protected from all anxiety and fear that the evil one so loves to spread.