Good afternoon and for any of you that may be chinese, happy new year!!

A few days ago at the table we were discussing the topic of exorcism and houses that need prayer.

The question came up of how to tell if the disturbance is being caused by a demon or the spirit of a dead person!

Someone suggested that if it was a spirit then one could simply ask that spirit to go to the light!!

As with most people who talk about such things there is a lot of good will and good intentions and a severe lack of good ideas.

Now before I continue I want to share with you a very good idea. A covid-friendly holy water distributor.

Well done to St. Patrick’s in Soho for this little electronic gadget that disperses Holy water instead of sanitiser!

So going back to my story. Is it a spirit or a demon and how to get it to go?

Firstly as catholics we believe that when souls die they either go with God or with Satan. Those that choose God either go straight to heaven or to purgatory.

Either way at this stage they are not nasty spirits that come back to haunt us. Souls in purgatory are not evil and when they have been allowed by God to visit certain people, it’s not to haunt them but rather to plead for prayer.

And yes, these souls desire to go to the light but it’s not like coaxing a mouse out of hiding with a bit of cheese, these souls need more than our pity, they need prayers.

And at times they need a lot of prayers and sacrifices to free them.

So now that I have established that a haunted house isn’t haunted by a soul in purgatory then that only leaves two other options.

1. It’s a demon
2. It’s the soul of a person who damned themselves.

And in both these cases getting the house free means war!!

There is no sweet-talking with evil

“Dear evil spirit please leave and go to the light”

Simply will not work.

Evil is stubborn and nasty and does not obey human rules but spiritual rules and will not go unless it is mercilessly kicked out.

Padre Pio could tell us.

Evicting demons often requires finding out why they are there, doing a lot of prayer and intercession for the people who gave them access and doing many prayers of deliverance.

It can often be a very gradual and progressive process as the prayer causes the demonic to lose it’s power and strength until one day it goes entirely.

Jesus often allows it this way to reveal to us the true danger of evil and also to bring people back to prayer and most importantly to understanding their faith.

The most powerful prayer is the mass and any good exorcist or deliverance minister will say the same. It’s in and through the mass that strongholds are broken and that our subsequent prayers for healing are anointed and powerful.

It annoys me greatly when do-gooders over-simplify this ministry and somehow think that evil spirits are like friendly ghosts.

Such people mean well but sadly they live in the land of make-believe!

And so once again this Friday Jesus is calling us all to pray. To pray for both ourselves and others so that the strongholds of evil may be broken and so that Saint Michael can “thrust Satan and all the wicked spirits that wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls” into hell where they belong.

There is no playing games with evil and    it’s sad that mature people can be so silly, naive and presumptuous when it comes to this area.



P.S. If you have dabbled in evil knowingly or not then be sure to bring it to God and also seek someone in the healing and deliverance ministry who can pray with you for freedom.