Hello all!

This morning I read at mass and it was the reading about Adam and Eve and them eating from the tree of knowledge.

It was interesting to reflect on it afterwards!

Satan decided to tempt the woman rather than the man knowing that if he got the woman, the woman would in turn tempt the man, which she did!

Why we my ask?

Well Satan is an opportunist and so he obviously thought that he had a better chance with the woman.

Perhaps it’s because in general women tend to be more sensitive and often are guided more by their emotions and intuitions rather than by their analytical minds.

Satan decided perhaps to play on this gift that God had given the woman hoping that he could lure her away through her senses and emotions from the clear rules that God had given.

(As you can see community life requires the same rules…”Michael’s, Don’t Touch” 🤣🤣🤣🤣).

Adam in turn was seduced by Eve and hey presto, they both sinned!

“It was the woman” he protested when God asked Him what was up.

Perhaps it was a God-incidence but in church today we had a very disturbed woman who shouted repeatedly at Toni  while he was serving mass:

“You are a girl, a beautiful girl” she shouted.

Well even if she was right, seeing her behaving in such a hysterical way wouldn’t encourage anyone to be a woman!

Now at the risk of sounding very sexist I’ll tell you my own story when it comes to many women I’ve met!

BOW: my acronym for Bossy Overpowering Women.

For anyone that finds this upsetting please take solace in the fact that it’s  not ‘COW’!!

From the earliest age I learnt that it was wrong to hurt a woman and so basically if a woman cried or got upset it was best to give her what she wanted.

My sister Kathleen also learnt this rule very quickly and the “golden rule of the house” was “to leave Kathleen alone”!!

I got many a beating from my Dad as a single whimper from Kathleen was more than enough to set him off.

It seemed that keeping the peace and giving her what she wanted took the place of equality and justice and I observed this pattern not only at home but in school, in work, and pretty much everywhere.

When Michael stood up for himself he was a bully and it’s true Michael wasn’t the type to stay quiet!

Sadly I’ve met many women who while claiming to be feminists use their womanhood to bully and manipulate and get their own way. There is nothing feminist about that only down right manipulation and control.

This leaves many men afraid to stand up to women.

“He tried to hit me”

“He abused me”

And add some crocodile tears and it might just work.

“You poor darling, have your way”!!

Yet it’s interesting that God did not react like this to either the man or the woman. Instead He gave both of them a good telling off as He explained how they’d both have to suffer the consequences of their actions.

Yes! Mercy does not exclude justice and while infinite in mercy God did not spare His justice!

At this point maybe Eve began to cry as my sister used to but it was to no avail because God knew that she too had to suffer the consequences of her actions.

Now you might be thinking that I hate women or that God hates women and neither is true for many of the most inspiring and prayerful people I’ve met are women but they are not feminists, they are holy instead and recognize that the true beauty of being a woman comes from prayer, humility and acceptance.

God has raised up many women such as mother Teresa to accomplish more than 1000 men and yet to humbly obey Him and to love Him while working alongside men.

And if that wasn’t enough, the masterpiece of creation is our very own mother Mary.

And so today when we live in a society where in the name of freedom many women want to control and dominate men in a sort of a revenge and where men are often taught to be weak and submissive  and “humble” we must take a step back and ask God what God wants?

Ultimately God wants to be the boss. He wants both men and women to pray and to submit to Him. He wants them to work together, to pray together and to worship together.

He wants both to be humble and to seek His will without either lording it over the other and He desires both to be humble enough to ask Him and to ask eachother for forgiveness when necessary while taking responsibility for their shortcomings.

And so today as I contemplate some of these issues, I pray to Jesus and Mary, the perfect man and the perfect woman, that they may teach us how to be perfect men and perfect women so that we may be shining lights to the world of true masculinity and true femininity, thus restoring the godly balance and harmony that brings true love, true peace and true justice to our hearts and to society.

God bless and thanks for reading,