Good evening to you all and I hope that yesterday was filled with love from your valentine!

(God knows I’ve had enough of them alone so forgive me for sharing this picture with you and sharing my joy and blessings.)

Today I went to talk to quite a spiritual friend as many of you out there are also. We discussed how to behave when we feel God’s love for another person very intensely.

Let me explain by an example:

You are in church and you are praying. Suddenly Jesus shows you in your heart how much He loves your next door neighbour and as He shows you, you too begin to feel this overwhelming love in your mind and body.

Then suddenly your neighbour walks into the church and you are so overwhelmed with love that you run up to him screaming and shouting and you grab him and give him the biggest hug ever.

But instead of being happy he starts shouting “get this lunatic away” and then suddenly you realise that you haven’t spoken for 3 years and that ordinarily you hate eachothers guts…

Now things have got a whole lot worse and everything seems upside down!!

(Couldn’t resist).

We called this type of situation “a leak”!

“A leak” because caught up in the spiritual ecstasy you momentarily forgot about your bad relationship with your neighbour and lacked judgement in hugging them.

In hindsight you realise that you’d have been better off doing nothing and allowing God’s love in your heart to motivate you to write them a heartfelt letter or to offer your prayers for them.

This is why it’s so important to pray to the Holy Spirit for wisdom and intelligence because the evil spirit is always looking to sabotage things and trick us.

It’s also why it’s important to have spiritual direction or training of some kind and yet even with that mistakes are inevitable.

Yet as someone once said, the only real mistake is not to learn from our mistakes and every spiritual person and every person with gifts or charisms of the Holy Spirit will tell you that.

Mistakes grow us in humility if we let them and they provide us with yet another opportunity to eat humble pie, to grow and to learn.

God knows I’ve probably made every mistake in the book but I’ve never not sat down afterwards and said to Jesus

“Why, where did I go wrong?”

The easy part of following God is that when there is a misunderstanding or a mistake it has to be on our side as He doesn’t make mistakes. This however is also the frustrating part as it’s not nice always being wrong!!

And so today my prayer is for all us spiritual people out there. I pray that we may be filled with the wisdom and intelligence of the Holy Spirit so that we may know what to do and how to transmit the love and mercy of Jesus to others in away that they are able to understand and accept.

I pray also for the Spirit of forgiveness when mistakes have been made for it’s not always easy or obvious what to do or how to behave when we feel the supernatural love of Jesus in our hearts for others and it’s so easy to get discouraged and to give up on using the gifts that God has given us to help others.

So God bless this evening, watch out for the ‘leaks’ and keep on going!