Hello all and wishing you a very happy lenten period.

This morning at the coffee shop the owner said

“Michael, you are always happy, everyone else comes here miserable and groaning”

I replied that I used to be more miserable than any of them but that God came into my life and cheered me up!!

Yet going around wishing everyone a ‘happy lent’ sounds wrong because usually we associate happiness with a big feast rather than a fast.

And the priest sprinkling us with ashes and saying “from dust you came and to dust you will return” isn’t exactly what makes us happy nor perhaps is “repent and believe in the Gospel”.

Yet these things can give us great happiness if we have the correct mindset.

Reminding us that we will return to dust is great news for those of us that follow Jesus because on that day we will return to our heavenly homeland and also it boosts us in our desire to live for God and not be like those who live for the pleasures of this world.

‘Repent’ need not sound like a threatening order that if we disobey we will burn in the fires of hell but we can welcome it as an invitation from Jesus to get to know Him and to reorder our lives.

And so if we look at lent in this way we can have the same happiness as if the decorators had arrived to redecorate our houses and while knowing that there may be some inconveniences, keeping the end result in mind fills us with joy!

Yes, lent is a beautiful period of redecorating our lives and what better interior designer than Jesus.

Remember this lent that Jesus loves you, that Jesus has the best plans for you and that He is inviting you to sit down with Him and to refocus your life, your energies and your attentions for the better.

And so yes my friends I wish you all a very happy lent trusting that as you learn more about God’s presence, God’s love and God’s plan for your lives and for your families that you will be so filled with happiness and spiritual joy that you’ll wish that lent never ends!!

Wishing you a truly blessed and happy lent!