Good Sunday morning to you all and what a wonderful day to have a coffee outside with the pigeons eye-balling my ‘pain aux raisins’!

I’ve had a busy few days. Yesterday I was asked to visit a house that was possibly haunted and see how I could help, yesterday evening I had a wonderful conversation with an elderly priest and historian and this evening Seamus will be interviewing Rayne and I on his online prayer meeting on how it is being catholic and in a same sex relationship. (Fortunately it’s online, otherwise I’d have to consider purchasing a bullet-proof vest online beforehand!!)

With all this going on, time with Jesus is more important than ever and how wonderful that thanks to modern technology we can get Jesus on the T.V. 24 hours a day (Tyburn convent have 24 hour live streamed adoration).

Ok, first thing first, the haunted house!Ok so off I set with my Holy water, my Benedict medal, my crucifix, chains and my rosary to fight the devil……actually no, I didn’t do any of that, I set off with love in my heart and an open mind!

As I interviewed the man in questioned what I suspected to be the case was true. About 6 months ago he began to experiment with blanking his mind by focusing on a single object. This is one of the ways of inducing a hypnotic trance and opening up the door between the physical and spiritual worlds.

He hadn’t slept at his “haunted house” for a while but he told me how the spirits had followed him to his friends house!!

“The spirits didn’t follow you I said, the issue isn’t the house, it’s your mind!”

So I began explaining to him how it works, prayed for closing of doors and explained how he’d have to pray and use his mind and imagination positively to get rid of it all.

The poor man was very sorry and recognised immediately his mistake. However I believe that God allowed it for a reason because as I asked him about his prayer life he admitted that he knew very little and that he hadn’t been to confession for something like 30 years.

So over the next few weeks I’ll meet him regularly and pray with him for ongoing healing while teaching him how to pray and how to live a life with the Holy Spirit.

A warning to all…..don’t go messing with the mind without some sort of guidance as it’s dangerous and few are equipped to handle it when things go wrong.

People get locked up for less!

And so I returned home to the presbytery a little tired and there was a nice dinner on the table at 8 PM.

One of the priests who lives in the house is a retired professor of church history. The history of the church and homosexuality came up as a conversation and how refreshing it was to hear that this mature priest unhesitatingly said

“The church should apologise to gay people “

He explained how up to not so long ago the church recommended that practicing homosexuals be burnt alive and with a glint in his eye he asked the question

“The church says that we must be humble, but is the church humble?”

Obviously he’d been around long enough and studied too much of the history of the church not to know the answer and what can I say only that we must continue to pray for our church and priests.

As it’s LGBT history month, this conversation was timely and perhaps a welcome and needed piece of encouragement before my interview tonight with Seamus.

While it’s a great privilege to talk and hopefully inspire others as to how one can be gay and catholic, it’s also a burden and a responsibility as it’s such a divisive issue and people can be cruel and condemning when they want to be in the name of defending the church or the family or the truth or whatever spin they put on it.

And so I ask for your ongoing prayers as my life and testimony demonstrates how one truly can be catholic, charismatic, spiritual, prayerful, be in a relationship and be ‘fully alive’!!

Have a great day and let’s spread love rather than hate, hope rather than condemnation, acceptance rather than rejection and mercy rather than judgement.

Thanks for reading