Good afternoon from a mild and rainy London where the walk in the rain is of immense joy to my Irish spirit!!

As I walked towards Marble Arch while praying a divine mercy chaplet for priests I was struck by a poster at Primark.

“You can’t lock down love”.

A few minutes later I arrived at nearby Tyburn convent and with the poster fresh in mind I looked at Jesus in the blessed sacrament.

And as I peered through the bars I thought “love is pretty locked down or locked up here”!!

Now Tyburn convent indeed hasn’t locked down love. They adore Jesus 24 hours, their chapel is open to the public and they livestream their adoration 24/ 7.

But what about the churches all over the world that are closed or indeed those that are open but empty?

Is ‘love’ in the person of Jesus not locked down?

The answer is yes!

By becoming man and instituting the eucharistic Jesus chose to lock himself down if you like and His eucharistic presence is indeed confined to a tabernacle in the church.

Some of you know about Nick Vujicic, the man without limbs.

He’s a well known Christian motivational speaker. Google for more info!

The point is that eucharistic Jesus is a bit like Nick. He has no hands and no feet and so He needs us to come to Him and to love Him.

Nick who has no limbs has something else to offer, love. He gives inspirational talks and is well known for loving to hug people.

Yet how much more love and inspiration can Eucharistic Jesus give us in the blessed sacrament not to mention the blessings on our lives and families?

And while He may not speak to you directly in plain english, although He does to me for whatever reason, you can learn how to listen to Him through prayer, spiritual reading and at times by just sitting there in the silence.

And so today I encourage you all to visit and spend time with our locked down saviour and friend Jesus.

Get into the habit of talking to Him, sharing with Him and learning about Him and His life and soon you will find that behind the rather dull exterior of that piece of bread lies the most unfathomable and inspirational wisdom, knowledge and love that will transform your very being!

Blessings to you all,