Good evening to you all!

With a title such as that some of you may be wondering if I’m selling viagra or offering a healing for erectile dysfunction disorder! Sorry to disappoint you but I’m talking about an entirely different type of ‘morning glory’. 🤣🤣🤣

Rayne and I have decided to do the 33 day consecration to Our Lady and consecrate our journey, our relationship, our evangelisation and witness to her.

The first meditation this morning was on the life of a famous Marian saint, Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort. Learning that he had Celtic origins and a fiery Celtic temper gave me a certain reassurance as I have been known for certain fiery outbursts myself!

It also amused me that many of his priest friends utterly hated him and tried to stop his mission at all costs. On one occasion his food was poisoned in the hope he’d die! Nobody has tried that one on me yet (as far as I know) although we have a very good cook in our house at the moment who loves me dearly. 😆😆😉

All joking aside, the little reflection got us thinking on life with Mary.

Our Lady guided Louis-Marie and while she didn’t stop people hating him or even trying to poison him, nor did she open their eyes to the reality of his mission, she protected him throughout.

In fact she guided him to walk 1000  km to Rome where he spoke to the Pope about the abusive situation. The Pope told him to go back to France and to continue preaching and gave him a special title of ‘Apostolic Missionary’. I bet his ‘friends’ in France loved that!

The rest is history as we say and now he’s a great saint.

So what can we learn from this today for our own lives? Here are a few thoughts:

1. The lives of the saints were full of every type of suffering and trial. What made them saints was their perseverance and trust in God who guided them through and out the other end.

In other words, let’s not ask God to spare us from trials but rather ask for the grace to accept trials and to get through them gracefully.

2. Our Lady who is all gentle and all loving is also all strong and all fighting! She guided Montfort to preach and teach ferociously in spite of the adversities of his time.

And so she is with us if we let her. She’ll encourage and equip us too to preach and teach boldly and relentlessly and face any opposition with strength and confidence.

3. God brings good out of evil. Louis could have simply given up instead of walking to Rome to see the Pope but he didn’t and the Pope not only encouraged him but gave him a special title and protection.

Thus so too should we keep persevering and fighting and if that means having to meet the bishop or fly to Rome to meet Francis then so be it!

I’m sure today’s saint, Saint David, the patron saint of Wales and bishop would agree wholeheartedly!

Anyway you get the picture, when we give ourselves to Our Lady, she does not  disappoint and behind that gentle smile and outward appearance is a fighting, missionary mother infused with the love and zeal of God to make us all into saints.

Perhaps upon reading this you too are interested in consecrating your life to Our Lady and what better season or time to do it than this reflective time of lent.

If you are then the good news is that you don’t even need a book! Simply type “33 days to morning glory pdf” into Google and you can download a free pdf copy to your computer or phone.

Ok folks! That’s it for today, wishing you all the love and peace of Our Lady.

Michael & Rayne