Good afternoon to you all from a dry, cool and crispy London.

We now have a national exit plan out of lockdown and one can feel hope in the air so to speak!

How much brighter and happier people are when they have something to look forward to, in other words when they have hope.

I met a man in church yesterday and as I shared my story with him he shared that he too is gay. He made an interesting comment:

“What is the purpose of gay people?” And I could tell that this is a question that he has put to himself many times before in another form:

“What’s my purpose?”

He went onto describe how the purpose of straight people seems fairly straightforward. “Go forth and multiply” as God said to Adam and Eve.

So what about Adam and Steve? (Excuse the funny picture I found on Facebook if it’s not to your taste).

Well in a way the answer is quite simple. Gay or straight, Eve or Steve, Adam or Madam, we are all made to love God and to love eachother and to bring forth life.

When I say ‘life’, I mean life in the broad sense of the term and not just reproduction. A good teacher brings her students to life, a good priest brings the church to life, a good writer brings his readers to life.

This ‘life’ is also called ‘charity’ and it is a gift of the Holy Spirit who desires to bring us all to full life and true spiritual and human happiness.

Perhaps it’s opportune that today Rayne and I have been a couple for 10 months and we can certainly witness to bringing eachother to fuller life both spiritually and humanly through sport, prayer and helping others.

Sadly not every gay man and woman knows or experiences this and so often struggle with their purpose in society, in their families and in the church.

This emptiness often feeds into addictive behaviours such as pornography, hookups for sex and a feeling of loneliness and depression.

Both Rayne and I know all about this from experience as does nearly every gay man.

However when we add God into the equation life and purpose take on a whole new dimension and we discover God through prayer and community and we learn that the void that we were once trying to fill by lust can really only be filled by love.

We go from accepting that we are gay (because we have no choice) to loving being gay and we go from calling homosexuality our ‘cross’ to calling it our gift or blessing.

This brings us into a true relationship of love and as we find God we find ourselves too and His love and happiness spill over onto those whom we meet.

And so to all Adam & Steves out there and equally to all Madams and Eves, the message is very simple!

God made you, God accepts you, God loves you and you’re life and future have a wonderful purpose and hope that is waiting for you.

Simply do what I did. Print of this image or carry on in your phone and every time you feel down look at it and say ” Jesus, I trust in you”.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful and joyful day!