Good afternoon my dear friends. It’s been a busy few days here in London where things are moving steadily forward…quite literally as you can see!!!

But other things moving forward include Toni, Rayne and Seamus.

Toni got some very good news this week in relation to the medical requirements around his treatment and this is a wonderful answer to prayer.

When I met Toni in Croatia and when Jesus asked me to invite him to London, I wasn’t sure what would happen or what was in London for him. Yet now as I see him serving mass every day, praying, drawing and writing and talking openly about his life as a trans catholic I am indeed very proud and proud of Séamus and I for taking that leap of faith almost 2 years ago now.

It’s beautiful to see Jesus blessing his life and moving things forward in mind, body and spirit.

(Picture taken as we left Medjugorje for London)

Séamus too continues to go from strength to strength in both his work life and personal life and he too has grown immensely over the last few years and Rayne continues to surprise us with snazzy new ideas for online evangelisation and sports!!

At times it’s good to stop, to sit back and to reflect on how God has worked in our lives over the period of a year or two. At times we don’t see, feel or notice God in our day to day lives but yet when we look back we can see him clearly like a footprint in the snow.

Perhaps you too can take a moment and reflect on your life 2 or 5 years ago. How has it changed? How has God answered your prayers?

The more we do exercises like this the more that

1. We see the action of God in our lives which boosts our faith.

2. We become more grateful to God


3. We learn more about the ways of God and how God answers our prayers in quite unusual ways!

All these things help us to better understand God, to better understand ourselves and to better cooperate with the ways of God in the future.

(Drawn by Toni).

Of course another aspect of being led by God is the jealousy of others and as I read today’s first reading at mass it really hit me how the bible really does speak to all people for all times.

Joseph in today’s first reading was favoured by God and by his dad. He was given the gift of dreams and visions and his other brothers hated him and despised him for it.

Seeing him coming towards them from a distance they plotted to kill him.

My first reaction to this was “well at least nobody has plotted to kill us” and then I felt the Holy Spirit whisper in my ear:

“They might not be plotting to kill your body, but look at the plots to kill your spirit, your ministry and your reputation”.

It hit me how nowadays people of faith are bullied in far more subtle and yet not less evil ways.

“That lady is mad, keep away”

“He’s a fanatic”

“She has schizophrenia”

“He’s got a problem with the drink”

“She’s divorced”

“Wait till I tell you what he did ten years ago.. ”

It goes on and on and it all comes from the spirit of bitterness and jealousy. If they can’t stop God blessing you then they’ll do their best to try to destroy your name and reputation and make your life a hell!

Yet my friends we should not be worried! God allows such trials to test and to strengthen the ones he loves and in the end the truth wins out and the jealous tongues get silenced.

And so today as I sit before Jesus, I give Him thanks for every blessing, for the remarkable progress we have made in last few years, for the trials that we have come through and the victories that we have had. All the praise and glory to Him and Mary!

I also encourage anyone reading to continue to place all your trust in Jesus regardless of whether you are in the middle of a trial or of a blessing.

He will never forsake you, He will never leave you, He will never stop loving you, He will never stop helping you. Place your hand in His hand as often as you need and once again say….

“Jesus, I trust in you”.

Thanks for reading, be blessed and keep on going! 😉😉