Good afternoon!

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about being called a faggot by a guy at church. The situation persisted with name-calling every time we saw him despite prayer and no provocation.

Yesterday evening it happened once again and so I decided that enough was enough. Mercy gave way to justice and I filed a police report.

This morning as I left the house I bumped into a lady who follows a lot of visionaries. She had an image of the divine mercy Jesus who was crying tears of blood.

Jesus reportedly said to one visionary “the doors of mercy are closed, now is the time of justice”.

And to top it all off I went to an evangelical church this morning and the pastor began by speaking of God’s justice!!

So yea, it wouldn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that God is prompting me to write about justice.

As I reflect on my own situation and calling the police I see a few things:

1. I did not want to call the police. My  course of action was mercy.

2. I waited patiently and prayerfully for the situation to improve but time after time it was thrown back at me.

3. I called the police. Enough was enough

And so the question is this: is it the same with God?

The answer appears to be YES.

God doesn’t lash out His justice to us at the start but instead He offers His mercy. Lovingly He explains that your life is not your own, that your actions have consequences and that there is both a heaven and a hell in the afterlife.

Not wanting you to condemn yourself to hell with Satan, He offers you a way out. “Accept my mercy, change your ways and all will be good”.

Just as I was willing to say no more about the man calling me names provided he stopped, Jesus is willing to forget about our past mistakes provided we stop too.

But there comes a certain point that mercy wears thin when it is simply abused and ignored and when that happens, mercy gives way to justice.

It is a terrible insult to God to refuse His mercy and in a way force His justice. God so desperately wants us all to avail of His mercy but He doesn’t force us.

And so just as I had a limit and called the police, so too does God have a limit and chastises a rebellious people.

However even in the time of justice, mercy remains. How many hardened criminals were sent to prison for heneous crimes and yet they met Jesus ‘inside’ and changed their lives?

How many godless people get struck down by terrible illnesses and repent for their sins on their deathbeds?

Yes! Even during the times of justice, God still keeps a sidedoor of mercy open.

And so regarding my friend whom I called the police on, I wish him no bad. I sincerely hope that it gives him a wakeup call and that he changes his life for the better. But if not then may he get every punishment he’s due.

So in summary, let us not abuse God’s mercy but let us make every effort to change our lives and to intercede and pray for those souls who don’t believe in Jesus or who refuse to believe in Jesus. We pray that they come to their senses and accept the merciful hand of God less they come face to face with His justice.

Thanks for reading!