Good afternoon!

As lent is all about loving God and loving neighbour, this morning I got up early, went out to the shops and surprised Rayne with a french-style breakfast when he came home from a night shift!!

I have noticed over the years that the more I have surrendered my entire life to Jesus, the more that he has brought balance and harmony into every aspect of my life.

This brings me neatly onto today’s blog on religious terrorists.

What a name right? I chose ‘terrorist’ as a word because I know quite a few religious people that literally drive terror into others!!

One man I met yesterday has been so influenced by this type of terrorism that he’s thinking of leaving his accommodation and going to live in a field to get in early before the wrath of God hits us all.

The sad thing is that he’s a very nice and prayerful man and so is the terrorist that told him!!

The problem is that nice doesn’t always mean Holy and prayerful doesn’t always mean balanced.

Many very genuine and very prayerful people take things and messages from Our Lady through visionaries to extremes that they were never intended for. The result is that they live themselves in fear and terror and they try to pass it onto everyone they meet!

The result is people running around like headless chickens afraid of the end of the world.

Jesus was very clear to St. Faustina when he said that those who shelter in His mercy would be protected from His judgement. His judgement will fall on those who have refused Him or refused to follow the laws of their conscience.

So why then are prayerful people running around afraid?

Because they still haven’t understood the message of Jesus through St. Faustina.

How many times do people say “Jesus I trust in you” and at times I wonder and I’d say that Jesus does too, where is the trust?!!

God wants us to have balanced lives and while He wants us to pray and fast and love Him, He also wants us to live. This might mean doing music or sport or art or simply enjoying time with our friends and family.

The problem is that the religious terrorists take the prayer side and get it out of balance and they become so over the top that other people rubbish the lot of it.

The other extreme is of course the secular and materialistic world we live in where many don’t say a prayer at all!

If you ask me, the key to it all is balance and harmony.

A religious nut is no more going to attract people to God and to prayer than an atheist but a well balanced and God-loving person just might!

There is enough fear in the world without us adding to it and so let’s be what Our Lady asked for in Medjugorje;  apostles of love!

Let’s be wise, let’s be prayerful and let’s be informed but also let’s be balanced and fun and enjoy the gift of life that God has given us as our actions declare what we preach by saying “Jesus, I trust in you”.

God bless and let’s pray for all religious terrorists that they may have a deeper encounter with the merciful Jesus for their own good and the good of those around them!