Good afternoon from a slightly chilly London where once again I’m sitting before Jesus!

Yesterday I was attacked so to speak in a message by a person claiming  that I am unforgiving and am the root of everyone’s problems.

Afterwards I was told that I am not a part of their happy little ‘community”…

To be perfectly honest I’d prefer the cat’s company than to be a part of that little group but it did get me thinking!!
“Birds of a feather flock together” you’ve heard and so it is with people too. People sharing the same beliefs tend to get on with eachother and befriend eachother.

Does this mean that they are a community?

Well if we take the christian meaning of the word ‘community’ then it certainly does not!

A Christian community is a group of people who share Jesus and who pray and share together. We see the first example of this in the acts of the apostles where they converted and came together sharing all their resources.

But when it’s a group of people who have no time for Jesus or prayer and their ‘community’ is more based on their common distaste for Jesus than anything they have in common, this would be better labelled as a gang or as codependency.

“An enemy of my enemy is my friend” so to speak but there is no truth, no honesty and no Jesus in that type of a grouping.

Many of us who have given our lives to Jesus in a more radical way will face this type of opposition. Whether in the workplace or in the family little groups or gangs will form and we will be laughed and at put down. They will claim that they are the holy ones and that we are the evil ones!

Groups like this confuse forgiveness with compromise and community with conversion of heart.

Without conversion of heart and giving our lives to Jesus any so called Christian ‘community’ is nothing but a man made monstrosity like the freemasons with an appearance of holiness and yet evil and ego at the middle.

Authentic catholic communities are hard. They require daily prayer, humility, daily conversion of heart and a great dependence on the sacraments of eucharist and reconciliation.

They require ongoing forgiveness and reconciliation and while they can be very hard places at times, they are also privileged places for spiritual growth.

But take away Jesus, take away the cross, take away suffering, take away the sacrament and reduce it down to a group of people playing house…….then you don’t have a catholic community, you have a sect!

And so my prayer friends I think that I’ll shrug off this latest attack too and pray that Jesus opens the eyes of these people who don’t understand me and the ways of God.

If you experience the same thing in your family or in your workplace, stay strong! Following Jesus isn’t about being liked or being popular, it’s about being true and faithful!

Have a wonder evening and I thank God for all the wonderful communities that I have been part of over the years where I’ve learnt to hold my ground no matter what the cost and proclaim Jesus and conversion of heart to a blind world.

Bless and thanks for reading,